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Course module: 202300270
Health Technology in Society
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Course module202300270
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionDutch, English
Contact persondr. N. Beerlage - de Jong
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dr. N. Beerlage - de Jong
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dr. N. Beerlage - de Jong
dr. S.O.M. de Boer
dr. A. van Dongen
N.J. Peeters
Academic year2023
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As a Health Scientist it is important that you are aware of the different roles and responsibilities that you can fulfil in society. To prepare you for them, after finishing this module, you will be able to:
  1. Study societal challenges in a scientific manner, based on data;
  2. Translate study results into concrete and clear advices for and communication to practice;
  3. Reflect on the complexity of sustainable implementation of health technology;
  4. Apply perspectives from philosophy and ethics of technology and health in society.
Available through Canvas:
  • Obligatory literature for the course ‘Filosofische Reflectie op Gezondheidstechnologie’;
  • Obligatory literature for the course ‘Implementatie van Gezondheidstechnologie’;
  • Micro lectures of the book ‘eHealth Research, Theory and Development: a Multi-Disciplinary Approach’.
Newly graduated Health Scientists undoubtedly have the ambition to improve healthcare. Increasingly, health technology is used to reach this goal. The basic assumption underlying this is that technology will lead to lower cost, better and more efficient care. However, the practice of implementing new technologies in care is challenging, complex and sometimes even controversial . For example, think about the changing views on sickness and health because of the use of health technology, as can be seen by the changed perspective on the status of a foetus since the introduction of the ultrasound. Also, think about the shifting tasks and responsibilities because of the implementation of technology. A diabetic patient now monitors their own health values and only meets their physicians once a year in stead of monthly. What does that mean for their responsibilities, who is responsible for the patients health? Finally, the implementation itself raises an array of questions and challenges, because of which promising technologies do not reach the market or practice, despite successful pilot tests.

An important aim of this module is to make Health Science students aware of, and offer them the knowledge and skills that are needed to deal with the complexity of development and implementation of health technology. Students are given a broad theoretical base about the development and implementation of health technologies that are aimed at changing behaviour. Students are also given insight into philosophical approaches withing philosophy and ethics of technology, and learn to apply these insights to health technologies.
Besides that, students gain experience with the different roles a Health Scientist can fulfil, via project work: from giving policy advice and writing scientific articles, to dealing with the media and giving an elevator pitch for investors. Therefore, students who have completed this module will be able to, with their critical-analytic thinking, contribute to successful and responsible implementation of new health technologies in existing healthcare. 
Schriftelijk tentamens met meerkeuze en open vragen.
Assumed previous knowledge
Students are expected to be able to independently perform simple statistical analyses (correlations, t-tests, etc) in R or SPSS. Students are expected to know the basics of scientific writing.
Lectures and exams of eHealth development in context are in English. Therefore, basic level of written and spoken English is required.
Module 7
Participating study
Bachelor Health Science
Required materials
eHealth Research, Theory and Development: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach 978-1-138-23043-9
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Presence dutyYes


Presence dutyYes

Self study without assistance
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eHealth development in context

Project: eHealth in context

Implementation of health technology

Philosophical reflection on health technology

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