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Course module: 202200334
Capita Selecta COM - Research Internship
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Course module202200334
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionDutch
Contact persondrs. M.H. Tempelman
drs. M.H. Tempelman
Contactperson for the course
drs. M.H. Tempelman
Academic year2023
Starting block
Application procedureBOZ applies for you
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Based on the involvement in a research project and / or event, related to the COM department, students are able to earn extra curricula Capita Selecta credits. The student’s involvement in these projects or events will be evaluated by a project or event mentor, who is a appointed as an examiner / teacher within the COM department. The mentor will issue a final grade, based on the evaluation of the student’s performance and a written report by the student describing the project or event activities. Capita Selecta credits can only be awarded to students who do not receive a monetary fee for their involvement in a project or event (for example as a student assistant). Capita Selecta COM credits are offered to provide students with a durable recognition on their diploma supplement of their involvement in research projects or events in the COM department.
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Kies de Nederlandse taal