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Course module202200273
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dr. M.H. Nagenborg
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dr. M.H. Nagenborg
Academic year2022
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In the academic world colloquia are part of the culture. Colloquia delivered and attended by staff are part in the scientific debate and are very useful for students to get introduced in actual topics trends in research groups in a broad sense.
There are two types of colloquia:
a) a series of research colloquia offered by the departments Philosophy and STEPS and that often involves international guest speakers who honour the programme with a visit. These colloquia can help to acquaint students with the academic community and culture.
b) graduation colloquia where graduating students present their Master’s thesis.
Students in PSTS are expected to attend 4 colloquia in year #1 of their programme in the departments STEPS and Philosophy and Graduation colloquia by PSTS students.
Note: These 4 colloquia have to be attended to pass the year #2 course Masterlab2.
[Another 4 colloquia need to be attended already in year #1 in order to have passed the year #1 course PhiloLab (201400576).
Attendance is registered in OSIRIS. For this reason an attendance form is circulated at the colloquia and is send to Educational Affairs Office for registration.

The requisite is being present, aware and alert. There is no formal assessment involved. However, students sign a form on the site to register their attendance.
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Master Philosophy of Science, Technology and Soc.
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Kies de Nederlandse taal