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Cursus: 202200254
Advanced Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine
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Studiepunten (ECTS)5
Contactpersoonprof.dr. J. Prakash
prof.dr. J. Prakash
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prof.dr. J. Prakash
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  1. Explain the basic concepts of drug delivery and nanomedicine:
    1. Describe the concept of Bioavailability and difference between relative and absolute bioavailability
    2. Explain the different drug delivery routes and biological barriers influencing drug absorption and delivery of nanomedicine to the site of action
    3. Describe different factors affecting drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination (ADME) and how this is applicable to nanomedicine
    4. Explain the principles of kinetics for passive diffusion and active transport.
  2. Explain different and advanced controlled drug delivery systems including Nano systems
    1. Describe different mechanisms for rate-controlled drug release from different delivery systems
    2. Explain different dosage forms used for controlled drug delivery and drug targeting systems
    3. Explain the properties of different dosage forms for controlled drug release and outline different strategies to increase drug absorption
    4. Describe different physiological, anatomical and pathological hurdles encountered in controlled drug delivery systems.
  3. Explain the basic fundamentals and application of implantable systems
    1. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of implantable systems
    2. Explain different types of non-degradable and bio-degradable polymeric implants
    3. Describe the rate control drug release from different implantable systems
    4. Outline different implant systems currently used in drug delivery.
  4. Explain fundamentals and applications of nanomedicine
    1. Explain the principles of drug targeting: active or passive targeting
    2. Describe different carrier systems including nanocarriers and homing devices that are used in drug targeting
    3. Describe the application of nanomedicine for therapeutics and diagnostics
    4. Describe examples of different drug targeting systems to the pathological condition.
  5. Explain the fundamentals, applications and different approaches for gene delivery
    1. Describe gene delivery, gene therapy and different gene delivery approaches
    2. Outline the components of gene delivery systems
    3. Describe different gene delivery systems (using viral or non-viral vectors, or by physical methods).
  6. Explain safety aspects and clinical development of nanomedicine
    1. Describe different pre-clinical phases of safety and toxicity of nanomedicine
    2. Explain clinical phases of development of nanomedicine
Advanced Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine (ADDN) course provides both fundamental and applied knowledge on the topic of drug delivery and nanomedicine. Conventional medicines, either administered orally or systemically, are not always sufficient for achieving the desired therapeutic effects but rather exhibit adverse side effects. Therefore, novel drug delivery systems are highly crucial to develop, using which the drugs can be specially delivered at the targeted site or even to the specific cell types. Using these novel approaches, high therapeutic effects with low side effects can be achieved. A large part of the course will be devoted to different drug delivery systems including nanomedicine. Besides drug delivery systems, use of nanomedicine for imaging and diagnostics as well as theranostics (therapeutics + diagnostics), will be covered during this course. Furthermore, a genetic disorder or chronic diseases can be treated by delivering nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) to the pathological cells, inducing or suppressing a specific genetic function. Also, gene delivery technologies are crucial to develop vaccines such as mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. The ideal drug or gene delivery system should be nontoxic, biocompatible, safe, simple, and easy to fabricate as well as should provide efficient targeting. This course provides an in-depth overview of drug and gene delivery technologies including nanomedicine.
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Advanced Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine

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