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Course module: 202200232
Integrated Project Simulation and Stochastic Modelling in CE
Course infoSchedule
Course module202200232
Credits (ECTS)9
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact F. Vahdatikhaki
Examiner E.C. van Berkum
Contactperson for the course E.C. van Berkum
Contactperson for the course F. Vahdatikhaki
Examiner F. Vahdatikhaki
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksPart of module 8 B-CE
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
After successful completion of this module component, the student is able to:
  • communicate and collaborate in a group with other students
  • select appropriate modelling tools (from the set of tools provided in this module) for a large real-life problem in road construction and use them to model and solve the problem.
  • interpret the outcomes of the before mentioned tools and formulate practical recommendations for system improvement.
  • inform and convince the problem owner by means of a report and presentation.

This is a part of Module 8, Modelling & Analysis of Stochastic Processes of the Bachelor Civil Engineering. See here for the complete description of this module.
  • he project part M8P is about the logistics of the construction project and the impact on traffic flows, which results in impact on several externalities (e.g. environment, hindrance, accessibility, economy, safety). The weighting of different aspects is: construction 0,4; traffic 0,4, report 0,1 and project management 0,1. Cor van den Berg’s CV/application letter/interview training is also part of M8. It is a mandatory prerequisite to finish M8P, yet no ECs are assigned and it is no part of the final grade for M8T.
  • The assignment in M8P is on a project on road construction. Simulation of logistic processes, and simulation of traffic flows are major issues that must be addressed in the assignment where students study logistic management of the construction project and its impact on traffic operations and externalities.

External students who are interested in this elective: please contact Peter Jansen (
Module 8
Participating study
Bachelor Civil Engineering
Required materials
Recommended materials
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes

Self study with assistance

Assignment with presentation

There will be a final report that need to be presented by each group

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