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Course module: 202200046
Light and Matter
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Course module202200046
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personprof.dr. R. Saive
dr. L. Leppert
prof.dr. R. Saive
Contactperson for the course
prof.dr. R. Saive
prof.dr. W.L. Vos
Academic year2022
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1) The students will understand the connection between electronic and optical properties of materials demonstrated in optics experiments and an oral exam.
2) The students will be able to design, execute, analyze, and interpret an optics experiment to identify materials and their properties (40% of grade).
3) The students will be well prepared for a Master assignment with a topic at the intersection of materials science and optics.
Light-matter interaction describes the phenomena that occur when electromagnetic waves in or close to the visible spectrum interact with materials such as dielectrics, semiconductors, metals, or nanophotonic metamaterials. The course will create a bridge between the electronic properties of certain material and its optical response. Students will learn both with theoretical courses as well as with experiments to predict the optical properties from knowledge of the electronic properties and vice versa, to derive electronic properties from measured optical spectra. The students will learn about effects occurring on materials interfaces and the functioning of solar cells and light emitting diodes. The concept learned on the electronic band structures will then be leveraged to understand photonic crystals and related advanced concepts. Finally, an introduction on the fabrication of nanophotonic materials will be presented.
Topics and activities of this course:
  • Introduction to photonic materials parameters
  • Repetition of electronic materials properties, such as molecules and bonds between them
  • Drude model, Boltzman transport, electronic band structure, Bloch waves, diffusion, drift, hopping, band structure in more complicated materials (perovskites), band structure versus molecule energy levels
  • Surface effects, nanoparticle absorption effects, band bending, tail states, absorption in real bulk materials
  • Materials interfaces & junctions, Schottky-junction, pn-junction, tunnel-junction, solar cells, light emitting diodes
  • Photonic band gap theory
  • DOS&LDOS, emission
  • nanophotonic cavity, coupling, superlattices
  • cavity plasmonics
  • Optics experiments that "reflect" the above explained topics, e.g. transmission, reflection, absorption measurements of different materials classes to identify unknown materials.
  • Introduction to fabrication of nanophotonic materials and connecting MESA+ tour

Examination consists of two items: optics experiment (40%), and oral exam (60%). In the optics experiment, the students will design, execute, analyze and interpret an optics experiment.
In the oral exam, students will demonstrate their understanding of their topic in a 30 min discussion with 2 of the lecturers.
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Master Applied Physics
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Lecture slides, books chapter, papers will be made available.
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Light and Matter

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