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Course module: 202101005
Internet Technology
Course info
Course module202101005
Credits (ECTS)2.5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact M. Jonker
dr. C.M. Epa Ranasinghe
dr. C.M. Epa Ranasinghe
Lecturer M. Jonker
Examiner M. Jonker
Contactperson for the course M. Jonker
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksPart of module 8 CreaTe
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Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Number of insufficient tests1
After completion of this course, students:
  • Understand the basic principles of layered network architectures, with application to the Internet.
  • Understand the principles of application-level protocols (e.g., for the world-wide-web, mail, and multi-media streaming).
  • Understand the basic principles of widely used Internet protocols, such as TCP, UDP and IP.
  • Understand the basic principles of media access control and addressing at the data-link layer, for both wired and wireless networks.
  • Understand basic techniques used in and challenges of the Internet-of-Things.
  • Are aware of security and privacy considerations on the Internet.
Modern communication systems are centered around concepts developed over the last 50 years, primarily in the context of the internet. We address the basic principles of modern networks systems, thereby addressing specifically their concrete application on the internet. The course follows a top-down approach, in that, starting from the overall network architecture, principles of the well-known (and widely used) application protocols are discussed, before diving deeper into the network technology. Subsequently, the notion of end-to-end transport protocols, host-to-host network protocols and link-layer access protocols (both for wired and wireless networks) are addressed. Special attention will be given to recent developments in internet-of-things.

Manual enrollment for this module via Osiris is only for Creative Technology students. If you want to take this module as a minor, register for the minor during the minor registration period. If you do not wish to take this module as a minor and are not a Create student, please contact K. Zalewska (
Module 8
Participating study
Bachelor Creative Technology
Required materials
Jim Kurose and Keith Ross, “Computer Networking, a top-down approach”, 7th edition, Pearson Eduction Ltd., 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1292153599, ISBN-10: 1292153598
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