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Course module: 202100309
Intercultural Competences: Guiding practical insights through Citizen Science
Course info
Course module202100309
Credits (ECTS)2
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. P. van Adrichem - Rotteveel
Contactperson for the course
dr. P. van Adrichem - Rotteveel
dr. P. van Adrichem - Rotteveel
L.G.A. Buunk
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksICCS is open for all students from ECIU member universities
Application procedureBOZ applies for you
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After completing the course, students can:
  • Understand feedback from a coach about their intercultural competences;
  • Reflect on their initial intercultural competence level and their skill development over the duration of the course;
  • Explain how to use the cross-cultural diversity in their project group to achieve greater group performances;
  • Analyse the main differences in cultural backgrounds, communication styles and behaviour in multicultural and diverse teamwork;
  • Apply the main elements of Citizen Science in a small group project using a structured (creative)problem-solving approach;
  • Describe the pitfalls of implementing a Citizen Science project in their own cultural context and that of their peers.

The use of intercultural communication is becoming increasingly more important within our globalising world. Research, business, education, politics; almost every domain is influenced by the internationalisation of our societies. In this micromodule, students work within multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, allowing them to develop better communication within and greater awareness of cultural differences and norms. Such skills even transcend the work within a student’s curriculum to be used in professional settings later in their careers. This micromodule provides a guided development of intercultural competences within the context of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) and is open to students of all the members of this organisation, see
The course is meant to be introductory – students learn a framework of intercultural competences and are coached to become aware of and reflect on their development of these skills. Additionally, as the course is set up in a flexible, with a low study load and a short time investment, students are guided in a natural and student-driven way that allows them to broaden their minds in a way that supports their own learning process. As with all ECIU-related micromodules, the course will take place online and will be taught fully in English.

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Enrolled for a degree programme of faculty Engineering Technology
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