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Cursus: 202100307
The Nature of ATLAS – Philosophical and Educational Challenges
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Studiepunten (ECTS)3
VoertaalEngels M. Boon
Docent M. Boon
Contactpersoon van de cursus M. Boon
OpmerkingATLAS Elective ( Semester 2 + 4 + 6)
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  • To philosophically reflect on and interpret basic assumptions about engineering education, social science education, and liberal education. This includes the ability to reveal, analyze, articulate, and critically investigate these basic assumptions as found in educational policy documents and visions.
  • To interpret the tension between engineering sciences and design education versus liberal education (T + LAS) using scholarly sources including visions by relevant authors.
  • To analyze key concepts in debates about ATLAS education (i.e., conceptual analysis).
  • To critically investigate their own thoughts and opinions on relevant topics, and discuss these with others.
  • To develop and defend their own opinion in a scholarly way taking into account a diversity of visions and tensions.
  • To contribute in group discussions, having an active, disciplined, and courteous attitude in delivering presentations, taking part in group discussions, and carefully listening and responding to others.
  • To use the vocabulary (concepts) learned in this course in new situations.
  • To articulate a student profile (graduate) that bridges the tension between T + LAS.

In this Capita Selecta, we will take a scholarly approach to explore philosophical and educational challenges of combining engineering sciences, design, and liberal education. The focus of this Capita Selecta is analyzing and developing innovative views on engineering education programs aimed at preparing students to effectively engage with complex societal issues. What should be the content of these programs and what not? Which skills are crucial and are they already part of current education? How should this be this effectively taught? In short, how can we prepare students better for their academic and professional future? Our aim is to better understand the tension and develop innovative views on how to deal with it in an educational programme like ATLAS.
In this Capita Selecta, special attention will be paid to philosophical reflection on your own and other peoples’ intuitions, thoughts, and opinions about (a) developing a personal academic profile for future societal roles, and (b) learning and education.

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Bachelor Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences
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