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Course module: 202100254
Electronic System Design & Prototyping
Course info
Course module202100254
Credits (ECTS)8.5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact M.S. Oude Alink
Lecturer G.M. Bonnema
Examiner M.S. Oude Alink
Contactperson for the course M.S. Oude Alink
dr. M.V. Pereira Pessoa
Lecturer P.P.C.C. Verbeek
Academic year2021
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
After passing this course, students should be able to:
  • Make use of philosophical writings, especially from Philosophy of Technology and Design and related fields.
  • Analyse and evaluate a technology (product/service) by using philosophical concepts and frameworks, and use this actively in the design of a new technology.
  • Incorporate Philosophy of Technology and Design in the project reports, in which (a) the student makes use of writings from Philosophy of Technology and Design (and related fields) and (b) presents arguments that support her/his analysis, evaluation and design of a technology (product/service).
  • Obtain and maintain an overview in a multidisciplinary design project.
  • Plan and manage a multidisciplinary design project.
  • Recognize and use practical and theoretically substantiated design principles and techniques.
  • Reflect on the design process in the context of these principles and techniques.
  • Use the understanding of Embedded Signal Processing to explore the design space in a signal processing system in a larger system, and use this so select or design the proper components.
  • Design and build a complex electronic system.
  • Work in a team to produce a working prototype at a technical level that is in correspondence with the bachelor courses in the EE curriculum.
  • Explicitly use the knowledge and skills of the other topics in this module to benefit the design.
  • Communicate about the design and the project in the form of a project plan, a poster, a report and a demonstration with accompanying presentation.
Electronic System Design & Prototyping consists of three elements:
  • Philosophy of Technology and Design extends the design of a technical product to beyond the purely technical realm by focusing on the relation between technical products and its users using the process of Design Thinking. The theory and techniques are applied to the prototyping project.
  • Systems Engineering focuses on the technical design and architecture of complex systems, using various thinking tracks and system design tools. The theory and techniques are applied to the prototyping project.
  • In the Prototyping Project, a complex electronic system is designed with a big team, and an actual working prototype is constructed. Knowledge from all bachelor courses, in particular the other elements of this module, are applied to achieve this.
Assumed previous knowledge
It is advised to have successfully completed at least the electronics part in M3, the programming part in M5, and the mathematics / signal processing parts in M6 and M8.
Module 11
Participating study
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Required materials
G. Maarten Bonnema, Karel T. Veenvliet, Jan F. Broenink, “Systems Design and Engineering: Facilitating Multidisciplinary Development Projects”. ISBN: 9781498751261
Course material
Reader, texts, and lecture slides on Canvas
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Presence dutyYes

Project supervised

Project unsupervised

Self study without assistance


Philosophy of Technology and Design

Systems Engineering


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