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Cursus: 202100227
Int. study tour Applied Physics
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)7,5
VoertaalEngels, Nederlands S.J.A. de Beer
VorigeVolgende 1
Contactpersoon van de cursus S.J.A. de Beer
Examinator S.J.A. de Beer
dr. D. van Damme - Djokovic
Docent C.I. van Emmerik
dr. E.S. Kooij
AanmeldingsprocedureBureau onderwijszaken meldt jou aan
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The international study tour has the aim to:
  • enrich the student profile with an international experience and prepare them for dealing with cultural differences (in this case specifically applied to South Korea and Japan),
  • acquire detailed knowledge of and insight into historical events and grand challenges which still affect modern society on a global scale,
  • identify, analyse and evaluate a range of ethical, professional, managerial, economic, legal, social and/or cultural challenges in practice between Europa and the countries to be visited (South Korea and Japan, in this case) in practice at different levels within various organisations, i.e. 1) companies; 2) non-profit organisations; and 3) government and public sector organisations,
  • understand the role and position of academia in general, and more specifically (applied) physics, in other countries,
  • prepare visits to the companies and institutes to be visited during the study tour.
The UT has a long history of many students travelling abroad to obtain insight into what their academic studies entail in practice. The international study tour builds on that tradition. To ensure the academic level within study tours, this course will provide the possibility to study a theme based on research and practical experience. In this way, students serve as ambassadors of the university who can show their understanding of the grand challenges and how companies and organisations contribute and affect society on a global scale. In principle, the university’s study associations will take care of the practicalities of travelling and accommodation arrangement. Students’ independency and leadership skills will be enhanced and displayed through the study tour organisation and execution.
The international study tour Applied Physics in 2022 will bring students to South Korea and Japan. This course entails two parts, i.e. (i) the preparation and (ii) the study tour itself. The preparation part can be subdivided into three topics, including history, physics and culture. The topics will be introduced in the form of lectures and/or workshops, by academic staff with a background and/or experience in the countries. After the introduction, students will work in smaller groups on various assignments. Assignments related to the ‘physics’ topic are specifically aimed at preparation for the various companies and institutions that will be visited during the study tour. The report by the various groups will be shared (in writing and orally) with the other participants.

This course is only available to students participating in the international study tour organised by the study association of TN, Arago. It is not possible to enroll yourself, participants will be enrolled by the study programme.
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Master Applied Physics
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Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde
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Int. study tour Applied Physics

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