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Course module: 202100171
Environmental and Economic Sustainability
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Course module202100171
Credits (ECTS)3
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact M. Berger
Contactperson for the course M. Berger
Examiner M. Berger
Academic year2022
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RemarksPart of module 6 B-CE
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  • Analyses the geometric characteristics of a civil infrastructure;
  • Demonstrate the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling of construction materials in LCA software;
  • Analyses the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) using an excel model;
  • Evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of civil infrastructure;
  • Recommend the best sustainable civil infrastructure from the environmental and economic perspectives.

This is a part of Module 6, Sustainable Civil Engineering of the Bachelor Civil Engineering. See here for the complete description of this module.

In this course, the focus will be on the environmental and economic aspects of Sustainability. The framework and method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) will be discussed during the lectures. The different sustainable construction materials used in bridges will be explored from the environmental and economic life cycle perspectives. The course will comprise a series of lectures, workshop, supported by case study-based assignments that will help students to familiarize themselves with both theoretical and practical applications of environmental and economic aspects of sustainability in the construction sector.

External students who are interested in this elective: please contact Peter Jansen (
Module 6
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Bachelor Civil Engineering
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