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Course module: 202100072
Mobilising for Sustainable Change
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Course module202100072
Credits (ECTS)3
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personA.L. Dedden
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dr. L. Carminati
Contactperson for the course
A.L. Dedden
A.L. Dedden
dr. D.H. van Dun
dr. D.H. van Dun
Academic year2023
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  • Understand the energy transition as a systemic and societal transition that requires radical changes in how we behave and organize ourselves, i.e. it involves complex organizational and behavioral changes
  • Explore the psychological and social processes that play a role in behavioral and organizational changes and understand relevant concepts and models
  • Explore and analyze the psychological and social processes in selected cases of organizational and behavioral change through critical reflection and by application of relevant concepts and models.
  • Formulate effective strategies to mobilize people for sustainable behavioral and organizational change needed to realize the energy transition.
After a kick-off session, a selection of psychological, social, behavioral and organizational concepts and models will be introduced and explained during a series of lectures. Students can familiarize themselves with the concepts in the afternoon tutorials. An individual exam to assess the theoretical concepts and models offered in this block will take place at the beginning of the second week.

In the second week, the emphasis lies on experiencing change, applying theoretical knowledge and critical reflection. Students will take part in case study discussions, a simulation and attend guest lectures. The guest speakers will elaborate on the organizational and behavioral challenges involved in the practice of the energy transition. In small groups, students will write a group report in which they critically reflect on their experiences offered in the second week, show they are capable of applying theoretical models and concepts and formulate effective strategies to mobilise themselves and others to effectively realize the energy transition.
Required materials
Chapters from Cameron, E. & Green, E., Making sense of change management, Kogan Page, 5th ed., 2019 ISBN: 9780749496975 and selected readings
Recommended materials
Instructional modes


Project unsupervised


Group Essay, Individual Exam

Kies de Nederlandse taal