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Societal Embedding MSc assignment NT & ChE
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ContactpersoonC.C. Diepenmaat
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C.C. Diepenmaat
dr. K.E. Konrad
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  1. The student is able to describe current challenges in the societal embedding of nanotechnology, in general and with regard to a technology or research field relating to his or her master thesis topic.
  2. The student is able to describe selected concepts from science, technology and innovation studies describing and explaining the societal embedding of new technologies.
  3. The student is able to relate and apply these concepts to cases in the domain of nanotechnology.
Turning nanotechnology into working and acceptable products and systems implies much more than proper technical functioning; it has to be actively embedded into its socio-technical context as well.
The core aim of this course is to support students in understanding and reflecting on this broader socio-technical context of research and innovative technologies. This includes questions such as: What is the societal relevance of a particular technology or research, for whom is it relevant, why and how? What are benefits and risks? How is a technology perceived by different actors and how may these actors affect the further development and societal embedding of the technology? Furthermore, we will consider what is necessary to make a particular technology work in practice, not only technically, but as something which is actually used, produced and conforms to regulations?
The course starts with a set of classes, in which students learn about approaches which help to address these questions, and consider what are relevant questions relating to the subject of their master thesis. Students choose a topic related to the societal embedding of the research or technology they are working on in their master thesis, and address this topic in a paper which will accompany the master thesis.

Organization Societal Embedding
During the third quarter there will be some lectures regarding this topic. If you are not able to attend the lectures during the third quarter (for example due to another planning regarding your assignment) please contact Alexandra Elbersen or Florien Lukkien (depending on your study programme).
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Societal Embedding MSc assignment NT/ChE

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