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Storytelling through Oral Presentation
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
VoertaalEngels R.G.A. Bults
Contactpersoon van de cursus R.G.A. Bults
A.J. Peeters Weem
dr. A.M. Schaafstal
1A/  2A
OpmerkingModule 11 Real World Challenge elective course; enrolment by module coordinator.
Maximum of 14 students is set
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After successful completion of the course Storytelling through Oral Presentation the student:

1.    is conscious of and able to control audibility, verbal speed and non-verbal signals -The student is able to convey how added value is created through his or her activities
2.    can incorporate personal involvement into his or her presentation
3.    can deliver an accessible audience-focused narrative
4.    incorporates presentational support (audio video) in a constructive way
Being able to tell others the story of your (graduation) project, your product or your actual self in face-to-face(s) communication is an essential skill. Whether it is a presentation for a larger audience, addressing a smaller group or simply interpersonal interaction, proper oral communication is essential. It means grabbing and holding the attention of your audience and focusing on being understood.
The course is about learning and practicing techniques for building an immersive narrative, specifically targeting a designated audience. It includes audibility, vocalization, verbal speed and non-verbal signals. Elements that impact the transfer of information and also have a subconscious effects on an audience.
As a student you will be practicing building your own narratives. These must be comprehensible, tailored for a specific audience and show value regarding your activities as a student. The use of emotional devices, like humor, will be discussed and how they impact the presentation and how uninformed use may lead to negative outcomes.
The use of audio and visual support and how they add to a narrative and getting a message across will be a topic. How far do informational slides take you? Which music would be suited in what circumstance and what could be the role of the lightning of your presenting space?
All these subjects will be covered using knowledge and exercises from the field of communication and the world of theatre. During exercises and assignments students will be guided and given personal feedback by the lecturer and the students’ peers.
The assessment will be in the form of a final presentation in front of an audience which will be held in a theatrical setting. Here the student will present self-chosen subjects that are related to the master’s program and are brought in a story based-context.

StOR provides an opportunity to improve the Presentation deliverable within two week after the regular deadline. However, improving this deliverable results in a maximum grade of 6.0.

If you want to enroll, please contact R.G.A. Bults (mail:
MOD01 - MOD08 completed (120 ECTS)
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Bachelor Creative Technology
Module 11
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Module Storytelling through Oral Presentation
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