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Course module: 202001528
Master Thesis DD Parma
Course info
Course module202001528
Credits (ECTS)35
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personC.C. Diepenmaat
Contactperson for the course
C.C. Diepenmaat
C.C. Diepenmaat
Academic year2022
Starting block
Application procedure-
Registration using OSIRISYes
The student has to perform a substantial research or design project that meets scientific criteria. The level of profundity and complexity is defined by the chairman of the Master's Assignment Committee. The student completes the assignment with a written report (the MSc-thesis) and an oral public presentation.
The Master’s Final Project will be assessed with two marks. The first mark covers the quality of the research performance, whereas the second mark covers the other three mentioned objectives, concerning the reporting and general aspects of the research. For each mark a different course code has been assigned.

Learning objectives Scientific Quality
  1. Is able to formulate a research problem and to define the research goals.
  2. Is able to define the theoretical and experimental research plan.
  3. Has the theoretical and experimental skills to execute research, works systematically and makes well founded choices.
  4. Is able to analyze the results, draw conclusions and to link the results to the problem definition an research goals.
  5. Has a scientific approach and possesses intellectual skills (can handle complexity).
  6. Is able to reflect on the contextual aspects of the research (social context, safety and environmental consequences, scientific and ethical aspects).
Communication (Report & Presentation)
  1. Is able to report adequately about the research in English.
  2. Is able to present and to discuss adequately about the research in English.
  1. Is able to work with a high degree of independence, creativity, dedication, pace, commitment (the student himself is responsible for the progress, planning and consultation of his supervisors).
  2. Is able to communicate professionally with the supervisor (problem owner), to co-operate with the members of the research group and to communicate with others from inside and outside the community of Chemical Engineering.
This course is only for students following the Double Degree with the University of Parma!
The individual Master’s Final Project is the completion of the Master's programme. The main objective of the assignment is for students to learn and prove that (s)he is able to define, perform, complete and reflect a research project at a large degree of independence. The assignment is performed in one of the Chemical Science & Engineering research groups under the supervision of a mentor and the responsibility of a Master's Assignment Committee. Conditionally, the assignment can be done (partially) at another external UT-group or an external institute or organization.
Participating study
Master Chemical Engineering
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Instructional modes
Final thesis
Presence dutyYes

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