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Course module: 202001483
Enterprise Architecture for EngD
Course info
Course module202001483
Credits (ECTS)6
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personprof.dr. M.E. Iacob
dr. L. Ferreira Pires
prof.dr. M.E. Iacob
Contactperson for the course
prof.dr. M.E. Iacob
J.P.S. Piest
Academic year2022
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
  • To become familiar with the most important Enterprise Architecture (EA) frameworks (e.g. Zachman, ArchiMate, etc.), methodologies (e.g. TOGAF), specification (ArchiMate and other modelling languages), and analysis (qualitative and quantitative) approaches and with their applications in different areas of research and practice (e.g., smart logistics and smart industry, enterprise security and risk management, etc.).
  • To be able to formulate a business problem, analyze that problem (using any methods or theories that may have been provided during the BSc or MSc program), translate that problem into an EA change process, and propose a migration strategy from a baseline EA to a target EA that solves the original problem, and is based on a clear motivation for the design decisions taken.
  • To apply hybrid EA-data analytics techniques as a means to support decision problems.
Foundations of EA:

Core knowledge (delivered through regular lectures)
  • EA Frameworks
  • Development methodologies
  • ArchiMate language and its extensions
  • Relation with other modelling formalisms
  • EA Analysis
  • Modeling tools
Practical problems & Applications of EA (these might also be discussed during guest lectures):
  • Value of architecture
  • Relation EA with Business Strategy and Portfolio Management
  • Relation EA with BPM and supply chain coordination, in particular in smart logistics
  • Relation EA with Software development
  • Relation EA with risk management, enterprise security and enterprise resilience
  • Advanced topics on EA, e.g., EA and Smart Industry, EA and data analytics etc.
This is a Post-Master course defined exclusively for the EngD programme. Before starting the course, the EngD trainee must discuss the content and level of the assignment together with the lecturer of the course. After completing the course, the trainee needs a covering letter (see EngD study guide) stating that the course was performed at a Post-Master level. This letter must be signed by both the lecturer of the course and the EngD programme director, and a scan must be uploaded to the T&SP element in Hora Finita.
Assumed previous knowledge
BIT or IEM Bachelor degree
Participating study
Master Business Information Technology
Required materials
All study materials will be made available via Canvas.
Recommended materials
M.E. Iacob, H. Jonkers, M. Lankhorst, E. Proper, Dick A.C. Quartel, ArchiMate 2.0 Specification, The Open Group, Van Haren Publishing, February 2012, 978-9087536923
Course material
M.E. Iacob, L.O. Meertens, H. Jonkers, D.A.C. Quartel, L.J.M. Nieuwenhuis, M.J. van Sinderen, From Enterprise Architecture to Business Models and back, Software & Systems Modeling, July 2014, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 1059-1083, Springer.
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes

Presence dutyYes

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Kies de Nederlandse taal