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Course module: 202001481
S3: Project: ATLAS Research Project
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Course module202001481
Credits (ECTS)9
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. J.A. Alvarez Chavez
Contactperson for the course
dr. J.A. Alvarez Chavez
dr. J.A. Alvarez Chavez
dr. R.N. Kizito
Academic year2022
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At the end of the semester 3 research project the student is able to:
  1. Formulate and contextualize a research idea and ask researchable questions.
  2. Locate literature related to the topic and use this to inform the development of your research project
  3. Effectively plan and organize empirical research within the given practical constraints.
  4. Carry out empirical research with diligence
  5. Analyze and interpret data in a meaningful way and draw careful (intermediate) conclusions.
  6. Refine or revise research ideas and methodology throughout a research process.
  7. Contribute effectively to the research of others by giving critical (but constructive) feedback; and appreciate and incorporate critical feedback by peers and experts to improve and deepen own research (peer review)
  8. Communicate process and findings in a clear and honest way to an interdisciplinary research community
In groups, students do a small research project on a topic of their choice. It concerns a common phenomenon/problem that the student has observed or heard of. Starting from a somewhat vague idea and making it more concrete along through a mini (limited)research project , the students acquire experience in doing research, and:
  • Experience what it is/takes to understand something scientifically.
  • Practice the required academic skills.
  • Experience the interplay between observation, ideas and (your view on) the real world.
  • Exchange research experiences and draw connections.
  • Become aware of the implications of research and responsibilities of researchers.
  • Trailblazing in the sense of putting forward your own ideas, seeing them through, and standing for them

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Project supervised
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Kies de Nederlandse taal