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Course module: 202001445
S1: Social Sciences: Behavioural Science & Technology
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Course module202001445
Credits (ECTS)6
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. A.D. Beldad, PhD
dr. A.D. Beldad, PhD
Contactperson for the course
dr. A.D. Beldad, PhD
dr. P. Wilhelm
Academic year2021
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  1. Analyze the connection between behavior and technology and use by applying insights from relevant theories in behavioral science;
  2. Advance well-argued and well-written insights and reflections on a specific social or behavioural case;
  3. Construct a model for a specific social or behavioural phenomenon by correctly indicating the variables within that model and accurately establishing the relational paths among those variables;
  4. Design and implement an empirical research on a specific social or behavioural issue based on a set of specific research questions; and
  5. Write a complete scientific paper for the empirical research that will be conducted by applying the conventions of academic writing.
Human behaviour and technology share a complex relationship. On the one hand, various forms of human behaviour are instrumental to the success of certain technologies. On the other hand, technologies are also known to shape human behaviours. In this ATLAS domain course ‘Behavioural Science & Technology’, this complex relationship will be explored. Additionally, the domain course will introduce you to the central themes within behavioural science that are closely linked to technology use. Furthermore, through this course, you will acquire relevant research skills (e.g. problem identification, research model construction and testing, operationalization of variables, designing an empirical study) that are valuable for any behavioral scientist who is primarily interested in the relationship between behaviour and technology.

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Kies de Nederlandse taal