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Course module: 202001418
Innovations in Sustainable Chain Management: Design
Course info
Course module202001418
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. K.R.D. Lulofs
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dr. E.J. Aukes
dr. D. Lee
Contactperson for the course
dr. K.R.D. Lulofs
dr. K.R.D. Lulofs
dr. S.R. McGreevy
Academic year2022
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Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
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1.   A:   To know and understand specific concepts,  terms, frameworks  in sustainable chain management.
      B:   To comprehend various approaches, discourses, design strategies and methodologies for innovating sustainable chain management.
2.   A:   To be able to reflect in a structured and academically sound manner on various design approaches, design strategies, methodologies and discourses for improving sustainable chain management, specifically with regard to a chosen/defined aspect of an empirical (sub-)domain.
      B:   To be able to develop a design for chain improvement in a chosen/defined aspect of an empirical (sub-) domain and report it.
      C:   To be able to present and discuss the report of the design in a chosen/defined aspect of an empirical (sub-)domain (the individual paper).
3.   A:   To be able to elaborate and synthesize different perspectives of individual students and teachers into a plan for a group assignment.
      B:   To be able to fulfil a role and work in and contribute to a multidisciplinary team on design efforts towards a complex societal relevant problem/challenge related to sustainable chain management.
      C.   To be able to handle and synthesize and pull meaning from partial strategies and designs in a multidisciplinary environment by producing a report in the contexts of society and if relevant the commissioning organization (conclusions and advice/ recommendations).

(Re-)Designing elements of the supply chains and relevant network is the central focus in this module. Sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) refers to 'the management of material, information and capital flows as well as cooperation among organizations along the supply chains to provide products and services in societal sectors while  taking goals from all three dimensions of sustainable development, that is, economic, environmental and social, into account which are derived from government, customer and stakeholder requirements.

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Literature list group paper in interaction with tutor
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