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Course module: 202001309
Course info
Course module202001309
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeHonours
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. L. Carminati
Contactperson for the course
dr. P. van Adrichem - Rotteveel
Contactperson for the course
dr. L. Carminati
dr. D.H. van Dun
dr. D.H. van Dun
prof.dr. C.P.M. Wilderom
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksThis course is part of the Bachelor Honours programme
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
  1. Show their ability in steering change processes at the societal, organizational, team and/or individual level by individually applying the insights and knowledge they have learned during the PoC track in one final “grand challenge”: a change process where they take the task as a key change agent
  2. Show progress on their own personal development goals they worked on in conjunction with their personal UT coach
  3. Clearly report, in an oral seminar presentation as well as in writing, the progress they have made, both as a change agent in a change process of their own choice as well as individually
In this final Processes of Change course students will get deliberate coaching while working on their individual change project they acquired themselves. In addition to carrying out and improving their practical change project (by making good use of their personal UT coach, who is a coaching-trained member of our university community), they will write a final booklet and will orally present what you have learned in Processes of Change, incl. the results of your project.
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Presence dutyYes

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Kies de Nederlandse taal