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Course module: 202001214
Calculus 1 + Prooflab
Course info
Course module202001214
Credits (ECTS)4
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. J. de Jong
Contactperson for the course
dr. J. de Jong
dr. J. de Jong
dr. J. de Jong
dr. L. Pehlivan
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksOnly for repeat students who need to re-take the exam.
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Upon completion of this course the student is able to:
  • work with vectors in 2- and 3- dimensional spaces, complex numbers and complex exponential functions,
  • formulate a first and second order differential equation, find a solution for a differential equation, and solve some of the differential equations involving complex numbers,
  • understand the principles of logic, set theory and proof techniques,
  • work with limits and the definitions of continuity and differentiability and applications.
  • focus on writing complete and mathematically coherent solutions to exercises.
  • critically read and understand a new mathematical concept,
  • verbally communicate mathematical concepts to each other in a team of 4 or 5 students,
  • write solutions to problems and in teams of two exchange their solutions to evaluate each other's written solutions. (Focusing on the importance of writing mathematical concepts properly.)

This course code is only for repeat students who need to re-take the exam from last year.
All others: please refer to the new AM module 1 Structures and Models 202200140 .

Calculus 1 is part of the mathematics track at the University of Twente. In this course students learn the geometric and algebraic properties of 2- and 3-dimensional vectors. The next topic is complex numbers. This will be followed by a brief introduction to differential equations. The focus will be on solving first and second order differential equations. Next, set theory, logic and proof techniques are studied. Finally, limits (formal definition), continuity and differentiability of a function are introduced. Various applications of derivatives are discussed.
Two of the calculus lectures are devoted to Prooflab. The concepts that students cover during these two prooflabs are: complex numbers, set theory, logic and proof techniques.
Participating study
Bachelor Applied Mathematics
Required materials
Mathematical Proofs; A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, van Gary Chartrand; Albert D. Polimeni; Ping Zhang, 3rd edition. ISBN:9781292040646
Calculus: A Complete Course, R.A. Adams & C. Essex, 9th edition. ISBN: 9780134154367
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Instructional modes

Presence dutyYes

Self study with assistance

Self study without assistance


Presence dutyYes


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