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Course module: 202001164
Lab on a Chip
Course info
Course module202001164
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact L.I. Segerink
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ing. P.M. ter Braak
Lecturer M. Odijk
Examiner M. Odijk
dr. S. Pud
Contactperson for the course L.I. Segerink
Academic year2023
Starting block
RemarksMinor students: please register for the minor!
Application procedure-
Registration using OSIRISNo
To have the students understand, design, make and measure with a lab on a chip system for a real-life measurement problem.
The Lab on a Chip course will give the students the experience of working in a multidisciplinary development team composed of students from different study programs. They will develop a real-life Lab on a Chip system, in this development making the full design circle (design, build, and measure) to solve a real-life measurement problem using Lab on a Chip technology. The course will make the students also acquainted with state-of-the-art prototyping techniques such as polymer molding and 3D printing. The course will furthermore teach students how to properly perform a measurement and how to interpret measurement data.

In a series of problem-based learning and/or project-based learning sessions, the students will activate their preexisting knowledge or acquire new knowledge on a range of subjects that are particularly relevant for labs on a chip. These problems concern the fields of fluid mechanics, mass transport, prototyping and micromachining, electrochemical and optical sensing, and measurement methods. Simultaneously they will train in the necessary lab skills such as chemical and biological lab skills (culturing) and prototyping lab skills. The main part of the course is formed by the project work, where the students from the start will be working in interdisciplinary teams. At the start of the course, they will be divided into groups and every group can choose its own project from the list offered. During the module, they will first make a problem plan, then design their Lab on a Chip, make it, and measure with it. The knowledge and practical skills obtained during the module will come together in the project and are needed to perform the project successfully. Oral presentations and written reports are ways of assessment during the project in the planning, design, and final reporting phase.
Assumed previous knowledge
Any engineering bachelor will provide sufficient knowledge for this module.

Create students can only take this minor if they have attended the Smart Technology specialization.
Participating study
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Participating study
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Participating study
Bachelor Advanced Technology
Participating study
Bachelor Creative Technology
Participating study
Bachelor Chemical Science & Engineering
Participating study
Bachelor Applied Physics
Required materials
Course material
Project descriptions (offered via Canvas)
Course material
Problem descriptions (offered via Canvas)
Course material
Lab manual (offered via Canvas)
Recommended materials
Course material
Background reading material for the PLBs (offered via Canvas)
Instructional modes
Laboratory course
Presence dutyYes

Problem-based learning session
Presence dutyYes

Project supervised
Presence dutyYes

Problem-based Learning Assignments

Lab and Fabrication Skills

Project Plan

Project Plan Presentation

Project Design

Project Report

Project Presentation

Final Exam (MC + open questions)

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