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Course module: 202001147
Transduction & Mechanical Devices
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Course module202001147
Credits (ECTS)3
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact R.J. Wiegerink
Lecturer D. Alveringh
Examiner R.J.E. Hueting
Contactperson for the course R.J. Wiegerink
Examiner R.J. Wiegerink
Academic year2021
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1. Understand the difference between “energy storing vs. dissipative” and “generator vs. modulator” types of transducers. Be able to label a certain transducer according to these categories.
2. Understand the concepts of strain and stress, and be able to calculate those in both axially and transversely loaded beams.
3. Understand the basic physics of metal and semiconductor strain gauges (piezo-resistive transduction), and be able to design a simple elastically deforming structure with optimal placement of sensing elements.
4. Understand the role of potential energy function in equilibrium and stability analysis of energy storing generator type of transducers. Be able to derive the potential energy function for such transducers and based on this perform equilibrium and stability analysis.
5. Understand the definition of the coupling factor and its role in stability analysis of two-port energy storing transducers.
6. Understand the relation between coupling factor and energy transfer in basic cyclic transduction processes.
7. Apply the concepts of aims 4-6 to design electrostatic and magnetic transducers.
8. Understand the difference and be able to model and design the capacitive “comb-drive” and “gap-closing” configurations.
9. Understand the relation between the potential energy function of a generator type transducer and its small signal parameters.
The course provides an introduction to mechanical devices like force and pressure sensors, microphones, acceleration sensors and angular rate sensors and explains how mechanical deformation can be calculated from the applied loads. It then continues with the transduction principles needed to detect the mechanical deformation: modulator type transducers like (piezo-)resistive strain gauges, and generator type transducers like electrostatic and magnetic transducers.
Module 7A
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Bachelor Electrical Engineering
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Online reader: Transduction and mechanical devices
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Transduction and Mech. Devices

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