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Course module: 202001122
Power Electronics Project
Course info
Course module202001122
Credits (ECTS)4
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact L.J. Spreeuwers
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ing. G.J. Laanstra
Lecturer C. Salm
Examiner L.J. Spreeuwers
Contactperson for the course L.J. Spreeuwers
Lecturer L.J. Spreeuwers
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksPart of module 2 EE.
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Registration using OSIRISYes
The learning goals of this project are:
  1. Design of power electronic circuits for conversion of solar electric DC power to AC power to fed into the grid
  2. Realisation and testing of electric circuits
  3. Working in a team, division of tasks
  4. Writing scientific reports based on a fixed structure
  5. Searching for relevant information/literature and proper referencing
  6. Application of knowledge of circuit analysis to circuit design
The project assignment is to develop a solar power inverter which converts the DC power to AC power with maximum efficiency. For this aim, a 12V 20Wp solar panel is available and its power has to be fed into a 12V AC power grid (for safety). Students have to implement the 3 main functions of the inverter: MPPT, inversion to AC and adaptation to the grid. The project will be carried out in groups of 6 students.
The project consists of 3 parts:
  1. Pre-project
  2. Project Organisation and Report
  3. Project Power Electronics – main part
In the pre-project, basic and practical knowledge of using MOS FETs as switches, for creating a voltage boost circuit and an H-bridge is learnt. In the Project Organisation and Report course, the main project is prepared by searching for relevant information for the project and by writing the scientific report section by section according to a predefined structure. Also making a design using a box diagram and planning and task division are addressed and setting up experiments to investigate the proper functioning of a design.

The exam is a project exam, consisting of a project report, a short presentation and demonstration of the operation of the designed circuit. In addition, intermediate feedback is given on assignments for the pre-project and project organisation and report.
Module 2
Participating study
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Required materials
Course material
Project Power Electronics manual
Course material
Pre-project manual
Course material
Project Organisation and Report manual
Rob van Tulder, Skill Sheets, 3e editie, Pearson, ISBN: 9789043033503 (e-book: 9789043033534)
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Project Power Electronics

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