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Course module: 202001050
Research Project Module
Course info
Course module202001050
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact A. Chiumento
Contactperson for the course A. Chiumento
Academic year2023
Starting block
1B/  2B
RemarksPart of module 12 BIT
Application procedure-
Registration using OSIRISNo
Module description
The Research Project module is one of the two graduation modules of the Bachelor's programme BIT. During the module students will touch upon several typical aspects of performing research in Information Technology (IT). Students will learn how to perform scientific research on a given problem and how to evaluate the quality and relevance of their research. This includes identifying a valid research topic, writing a research proposal, performing the research, reviewing the work of others, and presenting the results.
Study Units
Research Project is a complete module (one study unit) of 15 credits consisting of a research component and reflection component.
code name EC
202001050 Research Project (module) 0
202001051 Research Project Core 15
You can register for a final semester module until four weeks before the start of the module via a web form: Education Programme | Final Semester
After you have registered, the bureau of educational affairs (BOZ) will check whether you fulfil the pre-requisites for the final semester module. The pre-requisites are you have completed all compulsory modules plus your elective module (120 EC excluding ECs minor modules). 
Contact the programme coordinator if you do not meet the pre-requisites. 

Sign-up in Canvas
After passing the prerequisite check by BOZ, you will be enrolled to the Canvas page of this module, usually a couple of weeks before the module starts. You MUST sign up to a track in Canvas following the guidelines in the student’s manual before the module begins. Performing literature search to identify your interested research topics within the track or even contact potential supervisors are highly recommended as the preparation.

Any questions related to the registration should be directed to the programme coordinator. 

For the questions related with track and topic selection as well as regulations for passing/retaking the module, please check this

Module 12
Participating study
Bachelor Business & IT
Required materials
Course material
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Recommended materials
Course material
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Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes


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