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Cursus: 202001049
Design Project Core
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Studiepunten (ECTS)15
VoertaalEngels R. Langerak
Examinator R. Langerak
Contactpersoon van de cursus R. Langerak
P.T. Smith
1A/  2A
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Learning objectives Design Component: the student should be able to

- Collect functional and quality requirements in cooperation with a client, and prioritize them
- Methodically  design a system that meets the requirements, using relevant knowledge, techniques and tools
- Turn the design into a working prototype
- Formulate a testplan according to which the prototype is tested
- Document all phases in the design trajectory
- Justify choices and coordinate them with the client
- Write a project proposal and a project plan, and organize the project accordingly
- Work in a team: plan activities, distribute responsibilities, interact in a constructive way
- Indicate consequences of system and design choices (ethical, societal, organizational)
- Indicate follow up steps for the development of the system

The learning objectives Reflection Component:  to improve students'
  • ability to apply critical reasoning and ethical deliberation in order to assess and anticipate the impact of design choices.
  • ability to understand how Information technology design may affect core moral values, user well-being, and societal change
  • knowledge of the most fundamental discussions, theories and controversies in computer ethics, in particular related to the design of information technologies.
  • knowledge of professional codes of ethics and regional and international legislation related to computer science.
Design component (10EC)
The CS Design Project module is one of the two final modules of the Bachelor. In the design component of this module students show that they master the entire design trajectory, from the first informal specification of requirements by a client to the delivery and presentation of a well documented  working product.
Projects are submitted by clients from either inside or outside the University. Students perform the project in groups of 3-5 students under supervision of a teacher from the department of Computer Science. The supervisor is also the one who assesses the process and products of the group. Project deliverables include a project proposal, a design report, a presentation and a poster.
Reflection component
The reflection component is intended to raise students’ awareness of the philosophical and ethical issues raised by the research component of the project.

As of the academic year 2017-2018, the registration for the final semester modules Design Project and Research Project takes place via a web form:
You can register for a final semester module till two weeks before the start of the module. For the module Design Project Q1 2019-2020 the registration deadline is Saturday August 17th 24:00 hour.
After you have registered, the bureau of educational affairs (BOZ) will check whether you fulfil the pre-requisites for the final semester module. The pre-requisites are you have completed all compulsory modules plus your elective module (120 EC excluding ECs minor modules).
If you have fulfilled this requirement, BOZ will enroll you for the module you have registered. If you are in the process of completing your last module, the programme coordinator will check with the module coordinator if you are expected to pass this module, before approving enrolment for the final semester module.
If you are not expected to pass your last compulsory module and as a result experience a (large) gap in your study plan, contact your study adviser.
"All modules except minors and Research Project"
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Bachelor Technical Computer Science
Module 11
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Design reflection (60%), electives (40%)

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