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Cursus: 202001017
Design of Persuasive Health Technology
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
VoertaalEngels R.G.A. Bults
dr. L.M.A. Braakman - Jansen
Contactpersoon van de cursus R.G.A. Bults
Docent J.A.M. Haarman
dr. M.E. Pieterse
1A/  2A
OpmerkingModule 11 Real World Challenge elective course; enrolment by module coordinator
AanmeldingsprocedureBureau onderwijszaken meldt jou aan
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After successful completion of the course Design of Persuasive Health Technology the student is able to:
1.    Understand, explain and apply Behavior Change Techniques (BCTs), principles of Persuasive System Design (PSD) and User-Centered Design (UCD) methods to design persuasive and engaging Digital Behavior Change Interventions (DBCIs) for Health Promotion and Care (assignment 1 and 2)
2.    Reflect academically on choices made (regarding BCTs, PSD, UCD methods) to design persuasive and engaging DBCIs for Health promotion and care (assignment 3)
3.    Understand, explain and reflect on the complexity of the eHealth implementation process (assignment 3)
4.    Apply techniques for rapidly producing prototypes to design persuasive and engaging DBCIs (assignment 1)
5.    Apply formative evaluation methods to evaluate the user acceptance of the intervention (assignment 1)
6.    Reflect on skills to work and communicate effectively in a multidisciplinary team (assignment 4)
In this course you will work within a small team of students on a concrete case, in project-based learning. You will design an engaging, interactive persuasive health technology intervention, materialized in a video prototype.
This prototype is substantiated by relevant literature of behavior change techniques (BCTs), persuasive system design (PSD), and user centered design (UCD) methods.

You will learn to work in a multidisciplinary team, which is one of the most important 21st century skills. The health domain is rapidly becoming an intersectional field, where behavioral scientists, engineers, and scientists from other disciplines jointly build viable solutions for complex health issues.

During this course you will gain insights into possibilities of newest technologies to promote health and wellbeing, such as virtual reality or augmented reality coaching applications and serious games.
You will learn how to personalize your intervention for specific target groups and you will apply methods to evaluate the user acceptance of your designed prototype.
Furthermore, you will reflect on methods used and choices made during the design process and will learn about the complexity of eHealth implementation processes.
Finally, you will learn to reflect critically on your own professional behavior: What are your strengths and your pitfalls while working in an interdisciplinary team?

If you want to enroll, please contact R.G.A. Bults (mail:
MOD01 - MOD08 completed (120 ECTS)
Participating study
Bachelor Creative Technology
Module 11
Verplicht materiaal
Module Design of Persuasive Health Technology
Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, Saskia M. Kelders, Hanneke Kip & Robbert Sanderman (2018). eHealth Research, Theory and Development. A multidisciplinary approach. Routledge, Taylor and Francis group. ISBN: 978-1-138-23042-2
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Design of Pesuasive Technology

Video prototype 25%
Report design process 25%
Paper 40%
Reflection report 10%

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