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Cursus: 202000755
Preparation Bachelor Assignment
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)2
VoertaalEngels L.E. Krab - Hüsken
Docent L.E. Krab - Hüsken
Contactpersoon van de cursus L.E. Krab - Hüsken
1A/  2A
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The general aim is:
  • Learning to write a research plan: literature research, formulation of a research question, research set up, research techniques and research planning.
The student is able:
  • to identify relevant literature for a BSc assignment, and is able to summarise this as part of introduction and theory of the research proposal; set up a literature reference base and use it in the writing of the research proposal
  • show how a technological problem can be translated into a scientific research project, and apply this in the writing of the research proposal and the formulation of the research question.
  • identify the equipment required for undertaking this research plan, understands their basic workings, and can explain their role in the research proposal.
  • The student can identify a relevant BSc research question and can formulate this question, and assess whether the research plan will answer the question.
  • The student is able to make a planning of the research project.
  • The student is able to reflect on the process of writing/presenting and come up with what s/he wants to learn during the bachelor project.
The general aim of the course is to write a research plan, including a literature research, formulation of a research question, research set up, research techniques and research planning. The course starts with a presentation of the different research groups where you can do your bachelor assignment. After finding an interesting topic for your bachelor project, we will pay attention to the translation of a technological problem into a scientific research problem. In addition, you will refresh and update your skill in searching for scientific information for your assignment. A lecture on academic writing will help you to formulate your proposal in Academic English. During the course, you will meet in ‘workgroup sessions’ in which you meet with some of your peers and your lecturer to receive and give feedback from and to each other. The course is finalised with the writing of a research proposal that forms the start for your bachelor project.  
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Bachelor Scheikundige Technologie
Module 11
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Preparation Bachelor Assignment

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