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Course module: 202000698
Quantum Mechanics
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Course module202000698
Credits (ECTS)6
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
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Examiner A. Brinkman
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dr. J.W.J. Verschuur
Academic year2022
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At the end of this course, the student will be able to

- describe the physical concepts found in the content, be able to explain them to peers and apply them to relevant problems.


In Quantum mechanics, the wave function as a solution of the Schrodinger equation describes the probability of finding certain values for measurable quantities. Also the quantum mechanical wave function can interfere and this results, by analogy with the optical waves, in a redistribution of probability.The following concepts are discussed: Schroding equation and the wave function, operators, stationary states, linear algebra of quantum states, interpretation and uncertainty principle, bound and free particle, harmonic oscillator, spin impulse, spin and spin coupling, quantum mechanics in 3 dimensions, separation of variables, hydrogen-like atoms, identical particles, independent particle approach, the periodic table, the variation principle and undegenerated time-independent disturbance theory.Translated with


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Bachelor Applied Physics
Required materials
Recommended materials
D.J. Griffiths; Introduction to Quantum Mechanics; 2nd edition; ISBN-13: 9780131118928
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Quantum Mechanics

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