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Course module: 202000686
Quantum and Geometrical Optics
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Course module202000686
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionDutch, English
Contact A. Brinkman
Contactperson for the course A. Brinkman
Examiner A. Brinkman
Academic year2020
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Module consists of the study units
Course name Code
1. Quantum Matter 202000686
2. Linear Algebra for TN 202001211
3. Geometrical Optics 202000688
4. Engineering Systems 202000689
Module description
No later than 2 weeks before the start of the quartile, the test plan will be published on the website:

In this module quantum matter and geometrical optics are the central themes.

In Quantum Matter an introduction to quantum mechanics is given and the structure of materials is described and discussed, from individual atoms to molecules and the electronic properties of solids. The Special topics project involves a poster presentation on modern quantum science topic.
Linear Algebra involves elementary matrix operations, which will be applied in the lab course and lectures on geometrical optics. In this course the student carries out a number of experiments on geometrical optics. To support the experiments, the theoretical basis of paraxial optics will be studied.
Module 4
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Bachelor Applied Physics
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