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Course module: 202000670
Bachelor Assignment
Course info
Course module202000670
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeFinal project Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. H.K. Hemmes
dr. H.K. Hemmes
Contactperson for the course
dr. H.K. Hemmes
Examiner A.U. Kario
Examiner G.J.M. Krijnen
prof.dr. S.J.G. Lemay
Academic year2023
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
The main objective of the BSc assignment is for the student to learn to apply a suitable research or design methodology under supervision. A list of the learning objectives of the BSc programme is defined in the programme specific part of the Education and Examination Regulations (the "OER"). After the BSc-assignment the student is able to perform technological research at BSc-level and communicate on the outcomes. 
This implies that the student is able to:
  • a1. analyse a problem with some complexity in the field of Advanced Technology.
  • b1. prepare, execute and analyse experimental or theoretical research in Advanced Technology.
  • b2. design, build and test a device
  • c. write a scientific report describing the result.
  • d. give an oral presentation of the results to an audience of peers and is able to answer questions on the subject.
  • e. be self-sufficient in organizing the work.
  • f. collaborate and interact with the staff of a research group.
The individual Bachelor's assignment completes the Bachelor's program. The main objective of the BSc-assignment is to learn how to apply a suitable research methodology under supervision on a complex problem.
The assignment is performed under supervision of a Bachelor's Assignment Committee (BAC). The assignment can be done in one of the research chairs of the UT. Under certain conditions, the assignment can be done (partially) at an external organization.
The main goal is to learn how to execute a research assignment starting from a problem description, translating that in research question applying a suitable research methodology and communicating on the results. All under supervision. It is the first time that the individual student is confronted with a substantial research problem where the results have to be written down in a report and presented to an audience. Apart from the scientific aspects the student should also develop a time-effective and critical attitude towards planning en execution of the assignment. The final grade is therefore determined by scientific skills and academic skills (like communication, cooperation, work-attitude, etc.)
The subject of the bachelor's assignment and the composition of the committee has to be approved by the board of examiners.
The research performed by the student is done under daily supervision of a member of the scientific staff. During the first weeks of the assignment, the student has to define a research plan in accordance with the daily supervisor and the BAC. The assignment is completed with a written report (the BSc-thesis) and a public oral presentation.
The BSc-assignment has a study load for 15 EC (credits), which corresponds to duration of 420 hours.
Module 12
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Bachelor Advanced Technology
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Final thesis
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