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Cursus: 202000591
IBA/IEM Study Tour Minor
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Studiepunten (ECTS)15
Contactpersoondr. M.R. Stienstra
dr. M.R. Stienstra
Contactpersoon van de cursus
dr. M.R. Stienstra
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  1. Knowledge: students have to obtain knowledge on the country and the theories around the theme which will be researched.
  2. Comprehension: students should be able to discuss the theories and select the components which are of importance for the research abroad.
  3. International experience: students should be able to apply the knowledge while being abroad and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the differences between their home country and the countries which are visited.
  4. Analysis & synthesis: students should be able to design a research plan, collect data and analyse the data gathered regarding the theme.
  5. Evaluation: after the study tour, while writing the final report in

The minor gives students from the study programs International Business Administration (IBA) & Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) the possibility to go abroad and to experience what it is to be active in an international context in their field of study programs. Students will visit e.g. companies, (governmental) institutions, universities and alike (from now on: companies) to study a theme which has been prepared before actually going abroad. The actual study tour normally takes 2 weeks during which around 15 companies are visited.
The main goals of the minor are:
  1. To gain international experience
  2. To research a theme in the field of the student’s study program by visiting companies where the students could go to and work for after completion of their study.
Goal number 1: one or more countries will be visited (from here: countries). The countries are chosen with the research theme in mind. Students will be taught about the difference with their home country at Macro, Meso and Micro level, including cultural differences. The political, economic and technological state of the countries will be discussed with a benchmark to the country of origin. Sector analyses will be executed before students go abroad to have a thorough understanding of the environment in which the companies are embedded. Also, the actual companies which will be visited are discussed in order to have a full understanding of what the companies do so that the focus during the visit can be exclusively on the research theme.

Goal number 2: before students go abroad, they are taught by staff members of the BMS faculty, normally also those staff members who will accompany the study tour abroad, in a field which will be the main focus of the research taking place during the stay in the foreign country. Examples of themes which were researched in the past are Lean manufacturing and Purchasing. In order to have a thorough understanding of what the research looks like in practice, students already perform research with similar companies in the Netherlands after learning about the actual theme. The students of IBA and IEM will work together to establish a cross-disciplinary approach of the theme. Tutorials on research skills will be part of the preparation phase which will be 7 weeks in total.


See syllabus.

  • Materials such as literature will be announced before the start of the module via Canvas. In case books need to be bought this will be discussed with Stress.
  • A planning will be provided via Canvas
  • Students should attend all sessions
The minor is only accessible for IBA and IEM third year Bachelor students. Those students should have finished the modules in the first and second year of their study program. The study tour itself will be organised by study association Stress. Stress will form a committee which will be judged differently than participants (see Appendix 1).
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