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Course module: 202000573
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Internship
Course info
Course module202000573
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondrs. P. Bliek
drs. P. Bliek
Contactperson for the course
drs. P. Bliek
dr. F.G.S. Vos
Academic year2023
Starting block
RemarksStudents will need to be accepted via an additional selection process..
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISNo
The general learning goal of this business consulting internship module is that students can apply fundamental business theories, concepts and methods learned during previous modules in a real-life research situation within an organization, in which different stakeholders may have different goals.

In successfully completing this assignment, the student showed that (s)he is able to independently analyze a research problem in the field of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship domain, and (in random order):
  • acquired detailed knowledge of & insight into practical issues in a real organizational environment;
  • provided an accurate & complete description of the assignment host organization;
  • identified a gap in the actual and desired performance of the host organization;
  • provided an accurate analysis of all the relevant stakeholders of (and their stakes in) the assignment;
  • formulated (an) appropriate and focused research question(s) to answer, aimed at closing the gap;
  • knows how to find, describe, choose, justify and apply relevant innovation & entrepreneurship domain literature (fundamental business management concepts and/or theories) to analyse the research question(s) in practice;
  • and to develop solutions and recommendations based on it;
  • in order to do so the student used scientific sources in a systematic and critical way to design/adopt a coherent research framework;
  • used appropriate data collection and analysis techniques for the validation of the empirical findings;
  • was able to gather, analyse, evaluate and generalize a high amount of (unrelated) data, with which new directions for practice can be proposed;
  • was able to identify and discuss dilemmas in creating and implementing those solutions, recommendations, and/or new directions for practice within organizations;
  • was able to make decisions under uncertainty;
  • provided a consistent, well-structured, and well-argued text;
  • was able to present and defend the student’s research assignment;
  • was able to demonstrate the scientific contribution and practical relevance of the research.
  • was able to evaluate and reflect on choices made, including the material(s) used, and can justify the report outcomes incorporating innovation & entrepreneurship literature and its assessment;
  • was able to plan and manage his/her own learning process and to reflect on it;
  • was able to plan, manage & initiate communication with all supervisor(s) and other stakeholders in a timely and well-prepared way;
  • and developed relevant business skills.
This is a deepening research project module in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) domain which builds on the IBA module 6 Innovation and Entrepreneurship or the Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor. The general learning goal is that students can apply fundamental business theories, concepts and methods learned during previous modules in a real-life research situation within an organization, in which different stakeholders may have different goals. The project is expected to contribute to an organization’s purposes, so students should make themselves useful as junior business consultants. Even if the assignment involves practical tasks (e.g. writing a business plan, developing a business model canvas, generating a marketing strategy, developing course materials or a website, working on equipment or a technological device, teaching, etc.) it still is necessary to agree on a research task to be carried out, since research is needed to obtain necessary data for making decisions for/in a business plan, a marketing strategy, developing course materials, or teaching, etc. So assignments may include a practical component, but only to a minor extent (maximum 25% of time spent).
In order for this module to be a true deepening module, the preparation of the internship includes the development of a proper research proposal describing the current problem(s)/challenge(s) at the host organisation, the description & justification of theoretical concepts instrumental for solving/answering those problem(s)/challenge(s) and a  description & justification of the proposed methodology, describing the planned data gathering strategy during the business consulting internship project. Approval for the research proposal is mandatory in order to start the project.

By default the internship is scheduled in block 1A (1st quartile) of the academic year, but it will be possible to do the internship in all blocks/quartiles and during the summer. For all internshipswritten permission from the programme director needs to have been granted (via the study advisor).

Remark: IBA students have the option to do this internship module either as part of their minor or as an alternative programme-related elective. It will also be possible for students to do the internship as an extra elective during the summer break.

Students will need be accepted via an additional selection process and can only start with the internship assignment after their research proposal has been approved (see: Entry Requirements).

Assumed previous knowledge
1. Students are enrolled for a degree programme of faculty BMS
2. Students are at least 2nd-year students, and
3. Students need a pass for 202000564/565
Inn & Entrepreneurship, and
4. Students need written approval from the study advisor(s) (see: Annex 1 Study Planning Approval Form), and
5. Students need to be granted access, based upon: a. their written application, b. their individual intake meeting with the module coordinator, and c. tutor approval for the internship research proposal.
Participating study
Bachelor International Business Administration
Required materials
Recommended materials
Instructional modes
Presence dutyYes


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