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Course module: 202000434
BSc Research Assignment
Course info
Course module202000434
Credits (ECTS)15
Course typeFinal project Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personM.G. de Nobel - van der Meulen
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dr. A. Abhishta
F.R. Akkerman
dr. B. Alves Beirigo
dr. A. Asadi
Dr. rer. nat. D. Braun
Academic year2023
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Learning outcomes:

  • can formulate the chosen research or design assignment in terms of a related problem definition, including research/design questions, and develop a plan of action for the implementation of your approach
  • use concepts and theories within your own field, identifying links with recent developments in the field
  • explains and justifies the choices made, where applicable
  • presents research/design results and relates these to the problem definition and the research/design questions
  • presents/describes the socio-cultural, scientific or ethical issues that are relevant to these results
  • presents your research in a clear, structured manner that is comprehensible to an audience of varying educational levels and backgrounds
  • write a critical reflection on your own professional conduct
  • work autonomously, under supervision, in relation to the preparation and implementation of the assignment.
The final grade for the bachelor's thesis will always be expressed as a whole number. Assessment takes place on an individual basis. The assessment includes the written report (final version), the oral presentation of the results and your performance in professional practice (based in part on your reflection report
The final mark is based on a detailed Bachelor’s Project Assessment form, which covers the following aspects:
  • content and form of the Bachelor’s thesis
  • contribution to the practical, research and design problem
  • contribution to the relevant academic field
  • contribution to the solution of the organisational/organisation problem
  • performance
  • oral presentation of the project results
The thesis, contribution to the research/design problem and contribution to the relevant academic field weigh more heavily than your performance and oral presentation.
The bachelor's thesis is both an exercise and an aptitude test in which you put previously acquired competencies into practice; you show that you meet the final qualifications.

The bachelor’s thesis is generally the final project of the bachelor’s programme and is timetabled in the fourth quartile of the third year. The Bachelor’s thesis is worth 15 credits and therefore involves 420 hours of study. The thesis project includes a supervised practice-oriented design assignment, based on a project plan that has been drawn up and approved in advance (module 11). The written report and oral presentation (colloquium) are also part of the project. The project must be related to the educational programme, as specified in the programme’s profile and attainment targets, inter alia. The bachelor’s thesis usually takes place externally. Thesis projects carried out by several students together are possible as long as the contribution of each student can be clearly identified and assessed.

The examiner is a core lecturer of the BSc programme. He/she will play the primary role in supervising and assessing the assignment. A suitable second reader will be approached after consultation. The second reader may come from a different department to the examiner. The examiner and second reader will preferably both hold a PhD. For external assignments, there will also be a day-to-day supervisor from the company or organization: the external supervisor.
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Module 12
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Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management
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Kies de Nederlandse taal