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Course module: 202000432
Professional and Academic Development M11
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Course module202000432
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. I. Seyran Topan
dr. J.P. Bergen
dr. I. Seyran Topan
Contactperson for the course
dr. I. Seyran Topan
Academic year2023
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1A/  2A
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In Module 11, specific attention is given to Philosophy of science and ethics.
The student:
  • is able to and demonstrates to integrate ethics for engineers, business ethics, professional responsibility & codes of conduct, and philosophy of science in student project report.The project report has to contain max. 5 pages about this, including explicit references to and reflections of the theories (and/or principles or concepts) mentioned in the lectures
  • demonstrates critical thinking
  • engages in meaningful discussion
  • is able to get approval from the university’s ethical committee
This includes (yet is not exhaustive)
  • is able to motivate one’s own research design based on an understanding of research philosophies and approaches to research.
  • can identify professional and corporate codes of conduct
  • can identify and assess the consequences of these codes for the student’s research project (for
  • example, if a company code disallows the student’s using its data on a private computer).
  • can identify a relevant moral problem that arises in his/her project (there is always at least one, if not more).
  • is able to assess his/her own responsibility for their project’s proposed practical solution—that is, on one hand the student’s responsibility to the organization and, on the other hand, the extent to which the student is responsible for the result.
  • understands that this project itself is an ethical problem, which requires proper clarification and
  • explanation to the company and supervisor about the student’s role.

Module 11
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Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management
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Ethics and Philosophy

Kies de Nederlandse taal