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Cursus: 202000423
Professional and Academic Development M7
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Studiepunten (ECTS)2
ContactpersoonN. van der Veen
dr. K.E. Konrad
dr. P.B. Rogetzer
Contactpersoon van de cursus
N. van der Veen
Docent L.L.M. van der Wegen
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At the end of the module a student is able to:
  • deliver a pitch in English to convince the audience of the relevance of the message, and to deliver this message through a short presentation of about 1-2 minutes with limited use of media;
  • reflect on his/her functioning as a project manager, thereby reflecting on ‘performance’ competences and ‘personal’ competences to meet the project’s deliverables and meet stakeholders’ expectations;
  • identify an own identified learning need, take action on it and reflect on this learning activity;
  • reflect critically on the development of his/her professional skills and show that he/she is developing him-/herself in the direction of a self-directed learner.  
  • Reflect on Corporate Social Responsibility in the light of the module project and wider business and society.
The learning goals are closely integrated with the project. See the module manual of Module 7 for more information

Whereas Skills in Modules 1 to 3 were mainly focused on awareness, the Skills program in Modules 5, 6, and 7 are more directed towards skills development. It means that:
  • You will have more responsibility and flexibility in executing the assignments. For instance, the assignments of ‘pitching’ and the ‘elective skill’ need to be finished ultimately by the end of Module 7. This offers flexibility in your own study schedule, yet also gives you the responsibility to plan these activities effectively to meet the study requirements. In this way it shows some of your personal project management skills.
  • You need to work on an elective skill. This elective skill can be related to acquisition, mentoring, academic writing, presenting, creativity, motivating or any other professional skill you want to develop further. Student tutors (“Gezellen”) can use their supervision of first year students to acquire a new skill (e.g. motivating). This relates to the skill of self-directed learning. You need to determine your own learning need, find a learning opportunity (e.g. a course or practice opportunity), and execute it.
Besides the elective skill and the pitch you learn about thinking in concepts during  two lectures and two workshops. At the end of Module 7 you have to reflect on working in quite different project groups (IEM groups in M5, groups consisting of IEM, IDE, and ME students in M6, and BIT and IEM students in M7). To collect information for the evaluation report in M7, but also as an independent assignment, you have to reflect on the group work in this module. This reflection is part of the reflection assignment in this module.
The assignment on corporate social responsibility is an integrated of the project of module 7. See the module manual for more information.
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Bachelor Technische Bedrijfskunde
Module 7
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Corporate Social Responsibility

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