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Course module: 202000421
Product Design to Online Business Theory
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Course module202000421
Credits (ECTS)4
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. P.B. Rogetzer
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dr. P.B. Rogetzer
dr. P.B. Rogetzer
Academic year2022
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Understand agile business innovation and project management principles and how these are used in start-up as well large-scale businesses. Understand and apply new ways of product and service marketing, including the use of social media. Understand the product, service, servitization, customization concepts. Understand the potential of new prototyping production technologies such as 3D printing and sensors. Design distribution, operations and production using quantitative models to ensure scalability, flexibility and reliability. Have a high-level idea about the impact of returns on a business. Master the key concepts and being able to setup and use modern Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), understand their benefits and challenges. Model cash flows and create and implement a realistic financial model. Have knowledge of contracting, patents, liabilities, risk, privacy and consumer and business rights. Identify the impact of the business model on various stakeholders in the supply chain and beyond, and whether changes are necessary to the larger socio-technical system.
In this module, students will learn theory and practice of designing and implementing an innovative business that effectively produces a customizable product and brings it to the market using online channels. The knowledge acquired applies to both start-up business as well as innovating businesses in existing industries. Students will learn to read scientific literature in the broad set of knowledge areas required to design the product and online business. Students will also reflect on their business design, sourcing decisions, and CSR policies and the regulatory framework their business operates in. Topics include
  • Strategy and business modelling
  • Customizable production and service design
  • Innovation processes such as agile development, design thinking and lean start-up
  • Packaged ICT solutions, ICT architecture and ERP systems, security• Digital marketing
  • Finance for start-ups and scale-ups
  • Sustainability, circular economy
  • Legal framework for online business
Module 7
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Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management
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Bachelor Business & IT
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