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Course module: 202000418
Sustainable Supply Chains for Consumer Products
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Course module202000418
Credits (ECTS)2
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. D.M. Yazan
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dr. D.M. Yazan
dr. D.M. Yazan
Academic year2022
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  1. Describe the main concept of sustainability and the relation of products and supply chains with the sustainability concept.
  2. Apply environmentally and socially sustainable solutions in the company project (central to Module 6).
  3. Design environmentally friendly and economically efficient supply chains.
  4. Identify sustainability niches in products and relate these to circular supply chain thinking.
  5. Relate the product design phase to the supply chain design phase and execute these phases simultaneously in the company project (Module 6).

The course aims at preparing students to apply the concept of sustainable supply chain design in their projects. Students will be provided the basic concept of sustainability and sustainable development in an introductory lesson (including the students from Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design programs). Next, the concept of supply chain design and its relation to product design phase will be discussed. In addition, strategies to recover economic value-added from secondary physical flows will be classified and their environmental and social contributions will be discussed. Efficient thinking for sustainable supply chain implementation and its connection to product life cycles will be given in order to contribute the projects of student groups. Economic and Enterprise Input-Output Modelling will be taught to monitor the sustainability of supply chains so that students can visualize the environmental, social, and economic consequences of taken decisions along supply chains.
Module 6
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Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management
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Online lecture
Sustain. Supply Chains for Consumer Prod

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