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Project and Core IEM Topics
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Studiepunten (ECTS)4
VoertaalEngels E.W. Hans
Examinator E.W. Hans
Contactpersoon van de cursus E.W. Hans
dr. B. Roorda
dr. E. Topan
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Production Management
1. The student has general superficial knowledge of production and operations management and operational excellence paradigms.
2. The student knows and has historical awareness of the significant developments in manufacturing planning and control since the industrial revolution.
3. The student can identify production management problems from a case description.
Information Management
1. The student has general superficial knowledge of IT technologies in a business context.
2. The student understands how business information systems contribute to the execution of business processes.
3. The student can analyse a new service or an improvement of an existing business process using the Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder and an enterprise architecture.
4. The student understands the different architectural tiers of a business information system, their different characteristics, goals and applications. As such, the student is able to design relatively simple user interfaces, application logic, and data base schemas.
Supply Chain Management & Sourcing
1. The student has general superficial knowledge of what the Supply Chain Management and sourcing domain encompasses.
2. The student knows the terms supply chain and bullwhip effect and knows what the causes of the bullwhip effect are.
3. The student knows the possibilities of information sharing in the supply chain as well as which actual technologies and ways to organize the supply chain can reduce the bullwhip effect, prevent it or how it can lead to a quickly adaptable supply chain.
4. The student can describe and draw a supply chain with its shape, dependencies and actors based on a simplified case description.
5. The student can analyse actions of actors in the supply chain and also indicate which measures could lead to a reduction of the bullwhip effect.
Financial Management
1. The student has encountered several aspects of financial analysis and financial management in a business context.
2. The student knows some basic principles of, and complications with valuation problems in business contexts.
3. The student has encountered principles behind valuation from an investor’s perspective and has started thinking about the sense and nonsense of investing advice.
This project is about applying and testing the knowledge and skills obtained in this module in a real-life case. In particular, you will focus on identifying a problem and develop a solution for the operations of an organization/a company. Quantitative models and techniques will be used to calculate and analyse the characteristics of alternative solutions. In particular, you will use Excel, VBA, and Monte Carlo simulation. The project in this module consists of several weekly assignments and a final project assignment. You will work in a project group of up to six students.
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