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Cursus: 202000360
To Conduct and Report a Scientific Study
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)10
Contactpersoondr. I. van Sintemaartensdijk
dr. I. van Sintemaartensdijk
Contactpersoon van de cursus
dr. I. van Sintemaartensdijk
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Research project
The student is able to carry out the entire empirical cycle of a scientific study under supervision of a teacher. The student is specifically able to :
  1. do a limited search of the literature, collect relevant articles and describe these in a coherent and readable manner;
  2. indicate the relevance of the proposed study given the literature overview;
  3. formulate a concrete research question which can be tested empirically;
  4. describe and justify a (suggested) research method, including research design, instruments and research sample;
  5. collect research data in a careful and reliable manner, taking into account the ethical standards for conducting research;
  6. structure the research data in a well-described datafile;
  7. perform analyses that are appropriate for the research method and research question;
  8. report the research results in an adequate manner, which is appropriate for the research question;
  9.  interpret the research results correctly and draw conclusions that are consistent with the research question;
  10. reflect on the weak and strong aspects of the study against the research method used and make recommendations for future research;
  11.  reflect on the significance, scope and implications of the research conducted.
Research process & research product
The student is able to design the research process and present the results in a scientific manner. The student is specifically able to:
  1. independently and systematically organise his or her research process, which effectively manages feedback and suggestions for improvement;
  2. adequately communicate with fellow students, the teacher and the participants in the study, in which clear agreements are made and respected;
  3. provide when necessary constructive feedback on other students' research;
  4. describe the relevance, question, research methods and time plan in a research proposal clearly and in a structured manner;
  5. clearly describe the steps to be followed for the analysis in an analysis plan, in relation to the research question; Compile a research report in accordance with the usual standards in psychology;
  6. produce a research report of the study using correct scientific language resulting in a logical, consistent document that is well structured, offers effective argumentation and internal cohesion;

The research project forms the main component of this module. In the research project, students conduct a scientific study which serves to get familiar with and to go through the empirical cycle. Students conduct their own study from A to Z, together with three or four fellow students, supervised by a teacher. This research project runs from the beginning to the end of the module and concludes with an individual final report (in the form of a research article) that is assessed by the (supervising) teacher.

This study unit is part of the module Research Methods and Research Project (202000359). A module is offered as one educational unity and students take it as such.
At least 45 EC of the first year’s modules (B1) have been obtained AND 3 out of 4 Research Methods study units of B1 have been finished
Participating study
Bachelor Psychologie
Module 7
Verplicht materiaal
Forshaw, M. (2013). Your Undergraduate Psychology Project: A Student Guide. John Wiley & Sons ISBN 978-0470669983
Aanbevolen materiaal
APA manual (which each student acquired during the first year)

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Individual research report

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