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Course module: 202000342
Persuasive Health Technology
Course info
Course module202000342
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeStudy Unit
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact persondr. L.M.A. Braakman - Jansen
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M.J.M. Van Bergen
dr. C. Bode
dr. L.M.A. Braakman - Jansen
Contactperson for the course
dr. L.M.A. Braakman - Jansen
N.J. Peeters
Academic year2022
Starting block
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
After successful completion of the  ‘Persuasive health technology’ study unit the student is able to:
  • describe the several variants of eHealth technologies and why eHealth technology is increasingly important
  • describe the barriers for the uptake of eHealth
  • describe the systematic design of health psychological interventions and explain the added value of the CeHReS roadmap relative to the ASCE model for the design of persuasive health technology interventions.
  • know and understand the added value of the User-Centered Design (UCD) approach for design of eHealth technology and understand the role of personas in the design process of eHealth technology.
  • explain the principles and purpose of persuasive technology and how persuasive technology models can be applied to influence behaviour.
  • recognise persuasive features in an existing eHealth application and provide valid advice regarding the use of persuasive technology in eHealth applications
  • develop prototypes that are suitable for usability testing
  • know, understand and apply the different usability methods (thinking aloud, cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation) for testing interactive health technologies.

You will learn about the principles of persuasive technology and the systematic design of ehealth interventions.
Through lectures and tutorials you will learn what eHealth is and how it can be of added value in healthcare and how persuasive technology can support behavioural changes. Your knowledge about this will be evaluated by a written exam.
During workshops you will learn how to design persuasive health technology interventions by using the CeHRes roadmap and persuasive system design models. You will work in a group and will learn methodologies for User-Centred Design (UCD) such as the personas method, lo-fi prototyping and usability testing for both users and experts. In the UCD approach the focus is on how to tailor eHealth interventions to the needs of both end-users and stakeholders. Your skills will be evaluated with a poster presentation.

Module description
This study unit is part of the module Health Psychology & Applied Technology (202000340). A module is offered as one educational unity and students take it as such.
Assumed previous knowledge
At least 9 EC of module 1 have been obtained OR at least 21 EC of modules 1 and 2 have been obtained. This prerequisite applies to all three study units within this module.
Module 5A
Participating study
Bachelor Psychology
Required materials
Van Gemert-Pijnen, al. (2018). eHealth Research: Theory and Development. A multidisciplinary approach. Routledge.ISBN:
Additional articles
Recommended materials
Instructional modes

Presence dutyYes

Written test


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