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Course module: 202000246
Frontiers in Aeronautics
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Course module202000246
Credits (ECTS)5
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact C.H. Venner
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Lecturer A. van Garrel
Lecturer W.J.B. Grouve
Lecturer R. Loendersloot
dr. A. Martinetti
dr. M. Rajabali Nejad
Academic year2022
Starting block
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Acquiring (knowing) an up to date impression of current research, development areas and novel technologies, in the field of aeronautics, related to the development of sustainable technologies and their safe implementation, reduced use of material resources, advanced materials and structures, safe operation, maintenance,  and environmental impacts (noise or other pollutions), distributed propulsion, novel mobility concepts. Experimental as well as theoretical research and practical implementation of technologies. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of a particular development aspect.  Further development of technical paper/report writing skills and research skills, preparation for MSc. assignment
The course involves the guided study of a particular topic at the frontiers of knowledge or forming a major challenge for the future related to aeronautics in the broadest sense. The students will select a topic in a group or by themselves and work on an assignment for which they carry out a detailed study, and write a technical paper that is presented at a mini conference at the end of the course. During the quarter  guest lectures from researchers and engineers in academia at UT or at other technological institutes, and industry (large scale industry, or innovative startup) will be organized in which different themes, developments and perspectives will be presented. Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Design Production and Management as well as integral safety and Maintenance developments will be organised. These lectures are given in the period 2B. Attendance to these lectures is mandatory. Themes and lecturers will vary from year to year.  
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Master Mechanical Engineering
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Kies de Nederlandse taal