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Course module: 202000172
Introduction to Industrial Design
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Course module202000172
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact D.P. Saakes
Contactperson for the course D.P. Saakes
Contactperson for the course
ir. H.M. Schuurman - Hemmer
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksModule 1 B-IDE
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Module consists of the study units
The module consists of related courses and projects. The module overview is given below:
Name module element Code
1. Statics 202000173
2.Introduction to Mathematics + Calculus 1A 202001192
3. Materials 202000174
4. Design Sketching 1 202000175
5. Introduction to IDE 202000176
6. Project KICK START 202000177
Module description
The first module is a good representation of the Industrial Design Engineering programme as a whole. The objective of the module is becoming acquainted with the different phases of the (industrial) design engineering process. This contains an introduction to design skills, techniques and the acquisition of technical knowledge.

The project, named “KICK START”, is the first in a serie of several projects in the Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering. In this project students, as member of a group, have to  design a product. In project “KICK START” students have to design a consumer product. The designed product is produced as a prototype in the workshop and evaluated at the end of project. The student learns about the different phases in the design process. During weekly meetings with the tutor the different phases are discussed to guide the students in proper decision making. The design phase consists of drawing up a list of requirements, develop concept designs, detailing a selected concept design, manufacturing a prototype and evaluate the final concept. These phases are translated into the following activities:
  • analyze the problem; market research, target group analysis, product vision, etc.
  • defining characteristics which fit the product.
  • making sketches and drawing up concepts.
  • building a prototype in the workshop.
  • evaluation of the prototype by taking a real-life test.
  • evaluation of the group-cooperation.
  • the oral presentation of the results and presenting the final idea.
“Design Sketching 1” and “Introduction to Industrial Design” are closely related to the project: Within “Design Sketching 1” students practice with perspective drawing and toning. They learn to use drawing as a design- and communication-tool  in the design process. The skills acquired are immediately applied in the project assignment, to put ideas and concepts on paper, and emphasize the final product in a presentable way.

The main goal of  the module component “Introduction of Industrial Design” is getting acquainted with the various disciplines that represent Industrial Design Engineering, such as design, technology and behavior. This module component is working with a more comprehensive roadmap for the design task. Basic techniques and methodologies which belong to the various design phases are discussed. Also the ergonomics, management,marketing, user interaction, etc. discipline is initiated, and creativity techniques are being taught.

Besides these courses the education includes the module parts “Mathematics”, “Statics” and “Materials”. In these courses the students learn the effects of bending and distortion, product and material behavior. In “Statics” and “Materials” students learn to analyze and consider their product and material use in a reflective way.

Module 1
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Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering
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