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Course module: 202000154
Research Assignment
Course info
Course module202000154
Credits (ECTS)12
Course typeFinal project Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personA.F. Heutink
Contactperson for the course
A.F. Heutink
dr. K.E. Konrad
M.J.B. Moester
dr. G.G.M. Stoffels
Academic year2023
Starting block
RemarksPart of module 12 ME
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISNo
At the end of the course the student is able to
  1. analyze a problem with some complexity in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. prepare, execute and analyze experimental and/or theoretical research in Mechanical Engineering.
  3. write a scientific report describing the results.
  4. give an oral presentation of the results to an audience of peers and is able to answer questions on the subject and pose questions on other Mechanical Engineering subjects presented by the peers.
  5. organize self-sufficiently the work
This is a part of module 12, ME 12 - ME Bachelor Assignment of the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering. See here for the compete description of this semester.

Content Bsc Assignment

The activities for the BSc assignment Mechanical Engineering are spread over the 11th and 12th module of the BSc-ME curriculum. In module 11 the part/course ‘Academic Research & Skills 1’ (AR&S1) is part of the BSc-assignment (1.5 EC) and in module 12 almost all time (12 EC) is allocated for carrying out research for the assignment. The rest of the time in module 12 is used to learn students to reflect on the work they did on their assignment and the impact on society (Academic Research & Skills 2 (AR&S2)). Module 12 is finished with a conference at which all students present and defend their paper based on the research done within the assignment.
At the beginning of module 11 students can choose from a list of BSc-assignments that can be done within and/or under responsibility of one of the ET-ME related research groups. The intention is to distribute all BSc students equally among the research groups.
The assignments defined by the research groups are described in about half an A4. The objective is that two students choose the same subject. They can work together, especially in the literature survey, however they have to write their own research proposal (including the reflective part) which has to be finished before the end of module 11. Further, the couples have to do a peer review of each other research proposal. The grading of the literature survey (which is group work) and the individual research proposal are part of the final AR&S1 grade in module 11.
Module 12
Participating study
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
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Presence dutyYes

Final thesis

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Presence dutyYes

Research Paper

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