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Course module: 202000153
ME 12 - ME Bachelor Assignment
Course info
Course module202000153
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact personA.F. Heutink
Contactperson for the course
A.F. Heutink
Academic year2022
Starting block
RemarksModule 12 ME
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
After the module, the student will be able to:
  1. Perform technological research at BSc-level;
  2. Understand the basics of and has some skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Has the basic knowledge and skills for doing research in Mechanical Engineering, (problem analysis, theoretical and experimental approach, solution of the problem and result analysis)
  4. Has the basic skills for analyzing and solving a technological and/or design problem
  5. Has the knowledge for a science based engineering approach and possesses some basic intellectual skills (handle complexity)
  6. Organize his or her own work, collaborate and communicate with specialists in the chosen specialization and other stakeholders:
  7. Write a scientific paper describing the research including an appendix, reflecting on the scientific and societal dimensions and implications of their work.
  8. Give an oral presentation (including discussion and defense) of the research.
  9. Organize work in a self-sufficient manner
  10. Reflect on the research performed and the obtained results

Module 12, ME-12 - Bachelor Assignment consists of several module parts, every part has its own learning objectives. The Module overview is given below:

Course name Code
ME BSc Research Assignment 202000154
Societal Embedding 202000155

Content of the module:
The individual Bachelor's assignment is the completion of the Bachelor's ME program. The main objective of the BSc-assignment is for the student to learn to apply a suitable methodology under supervision.
The assignment is performed at one of the research chairs related to the ME program and under supervision of a Bachelor's Assignment Committee (BAC). This committee consists of the daily supervisor, an associate professor or full professor of the chosen research chair and an external member not being a member of the research chair involved.
The main goal is to learn how to execute a research assignment on the basis of a research question defined in the module 11 part Academic Research & Skills, and following a suitable methodology, all under supervision. It is the first time that the individual student is confronted with a more substantial research problem where the results have to be written down in a research paper and a paper  reflecting on the scientific and societal dimensions and implications of the work. Further the paper has to be presented and defended in public at the ME BSc conference in the last week of the module. Apart from the scientific and engineering aspects the student should also develop a time-effective and critical attitude towards the planning and execution of the assignment. The final grade is therefore determined both by scientific and engineering skills as well as academic skills like communication, cooperation, attitude, reflection etc.
Module 12
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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
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