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Course module: 202000126
ME 5 - Dynamic Systems
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Course module202000126
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact D.M. Brouwer
Contactperson for the course D.M. Brouwer
Academic year2023
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RemarksModule 5 ME
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Module consists of the study units
Module 5, Dynamic Systems , consists of several module parts, every part has its own learning objectives. The Module overview is given below:
Course name Code EC
1. Vector Calculus 2 202001228 2
2. Dynamics 1 202000127 4
3. System analysis 202000128 4
4. Proj. Precision Mechanisms & Ac. Skills 5 202000129 5
Module description
General Module aims:
  1. Carry out a dynamic analysis of a mechanical system (kinematics, free body diagram, equations of motion, work and energy, impulse- and impulse moment, rotations.
  2. Establish dynamic models in different forms (differential equations, state space equations, transfer functions, block diagrams)
  3. To analyse the dynamic behaviour and a mechanical system in both the time as well as the frequency domain (step- and impulse response, Bode plot)
  4. Carry out an analysis on an electrical and electro-mechanical (constituent equations of electrical components, Kirchhoffs’ laws)
  5. Analyse the Degrees of Freedom of a mechanism and to apply the basic principles for precision mechanisms in the design of a new mechanism.
  6. Analyse a mechanism on axial deformation, bending and buckling and carry out a numerical analysis.
  7. Calculate line integrals and surface integrals and apply the theorems of Gauss, Green and Stokes
General Module content:
In this module the mechanical Engineering disciplines applied mechanics and mechanical automation are combined  The module covers all basic knowledge necessary for getting acquainted with the field of mechatronics as taught in module 8 (a combination of structural dynamics, systems & control and design principles for precision mechanisms). 
Module 5
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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
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