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Cursus: 202000124
Project Design of a Construction & Academic Skills 4
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)3,5
ContactpersoonJ. Decrozant-Triquenaux
J. Decrozant-Triquenaux
Contactpersoon van de cursus
J. Decrozant-Triquenaux
Examinator R. Loendersloot
M.J.B. Moester
OpmerkingPart of module 4 B-ME
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Project “Designing a Mechanical Structure”
At the end of the project, the student is able to:Within the project, students
  • Design a mechanical structure using their earlier knowledge on a design, process: problem formulating; analyzing and establishing design requirements; introducing concept designs; choosing a concept; detailing the design of choice; assigning materials.
  • Evaluate different concept designs, choose a concept and justify the choices that are made.
  • Apply knowledge on material science and production techniques from previous modules in the current design project.
  • Apply the knowledge gained from the courses “Machine Elements”, “Mechanics of Materials” and “Modelling and Programming” courses on the detailed design of the chosen concept.
  • Use stress and strain transformations (using Mohr’s circle) ,to calculate principal stresses and strains and apply it in the project.
Academic Skills
At the end of the project, the student is able to:
  • Write a concise technical report oriented at for the client.
  • Show professional behaviour in dealing with a client, including presenting and receiving feedback.
  • Reflect on personal development in the skills domain.
  • Give and receive feedback to and from peers and supervisors.

This is a part of module 4, ME 4 Design and Mechanics of the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering.. See here for the compete description of the module.
Project “Designing a Mechanical Structure”
The aim of the project is to design a functional structure which allows students to integrate their various mechanical design skills. The theoretical knowledge gained by the students during the current module and earlier courses such as Mechanics of materials, Material science, Statics and Machine elements are applied in the project. The project includes designing mechanical components, proper choice of materials and suitable production methods. The assignment is done within groups of 8 students. The subject of the project varies each year, however in principal the project characteristics (structure composed of a number of moving parts) remain the same. The structure is usually made of slender elements (pipes and profiles) with a functional purpose. The project is limited to the conceptual phase and mainly focuses on realizing feasibility and the development of the concept product.

Academic Skills
In this final module of the year, various aspects of academic skills are addressed; communication in writing, oral presentation and being able to reflect on your own work.
The results of the project have to be presented in a written (design-) report for the client and an oral presentation for a committee.
In an individual assignment the student has to reflect on his own work in the last year and look forward to the future as a student (and professional) in mechanical engineering

This course can only be taken by ME students.
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Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Module 4
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