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Cursus: 202000111
Project Analysis of an Energy System & Academic Skills 2
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)4
Contactpersoonir. E.A. Bramer
VorigeVolgende 4
Docent T.C. Bor
dr. M. Bourban
ir. E.A. Bramer
Contactpersoon van de cursus
ir. E.A. Bramer
drs. E.M. Gommer
OpmerkingPart of module 2 B-ME
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After completion of the project Analysis of an Energy System the student can:
  1. analyze an existing installation for generation of heat/cold and power on both thermodynamic and materials science aspects.
  2. explain thermodynamic and materials aspects of the analyzed installation by means of diagrams, graphs and tables.
  3. write simple programs in Matlab to analyze thermodynamic systems and create thermodynamic graphs.
  4. interpret contradictory / incomplete information and uncertainties / inaccuracies in the given data.
  5. present the results of the analysis to a technically-educated client.
  6. perform a stakeholder analysis to determine the societal impact of a newly designed, more sustainable installation as part of the preparation to module 3, Energy and Sustainability.

Additional learning objectives in the field of Academic Skills 2 are:
  1. The student is capable of planning project work, together with group members, and adjust the schedule during the module if necessary.
  2. The student is able to give and receive feedback to and from peers in a professional manner.
  3. The student is able to reflect critically on his / her own functioning and, by doing so, can adapt his / her study strategy.
  4. The student is able to give a poster presentation for a technically educated audience.
  5. The student is able to adequately summarize the project results.
  6. The student is able to write an assay about a stakeholder analysis to determine the societal impact of the newly designed installation.


This is a part of module 2, ME 2 Energy and Materials of the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering.. See here for the compete description of the module.
Content Project Analysis of an Energy System
The theme of the project in Module 2 is Energy and Materials. In this module, groups of 8 students work in a team on a project focused on an energy system. The aim is to thoroughly analyze an existing plant for the production of work (electricity), heat and / or cold as well as any necessary by-products (for example CO2) on thermodynamics and materials science aspects. The results of the analysis should be summarized in the form of diagrams, graphs and tables with a clear explanation. The project concludes with a poster presentation, where the results of the analysis are presented to a technical audience.
The knowledge required for the implementation of the project is provided through supporting modules such as engineering thermodynamics, materials science and modeling and programming. This project is a preparation for the Module 3 project, in which the project is expanded and the energy system has to be redesigned. It should result in a new, innovative and sustainable installation optimized for the given situation. Next to that the interest of the different stakeholder should be analyzed  to determine the societal impact of the newly designed installation Through the preparatory work in this module, more depth can be achieved in the next module providing the basis for non-trivial solutions of the optimization problem.
Content Academic Skills 2

In this module we continue with planning strategies of the project work (ongoing after module 1). During the module students have to give and receive feedback to and from their peers (project group members) in a professional manner and be able to reflect on their own contribution to the project group. In the context of presentation techniques, a start is made with the presentation of project results for a technically-educated client in the form of a poster and / or a report and a pitch presentaion. In addition attention is paid to writing a technical summary of project results.
Finally, ethical aspects within an engineering context are discussed and this knowledge is applied in the project with a stakeholder analysis as preparation to the development of a new, more sustainable system as part of Module 3, Energy and Sustainability.

This course can only be taken by ME students.

Participating study
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Module 2
Verplicht materiaal
Course guide
Description and guide for the project
Engineering Thermodynamics, Çengel & Boles ISBN 978-0-07-352932-5
Materials Science and Engineering, Callister ISBN: 978-1-118-31922-2
Course material
Lecture slides: Engineering Thermodynamics 1
Course material
Lecture slides: Stakeholder analysis
Course material
Lecture slides: Exergy / second law analysis
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