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Course module: 202000108
ME 2 - Energy and Materials
Course infoSchedule
Course module202000108
Credits (ECTS)0
Course typeModule name
Language of instructionEnglish
Contact T.C. Bor
Contactperson for the course T.C. Bor
Academic year2023
Starting block
RemarksModule 2 ME
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Module consists of the study units
Module 2, Energy and Materials, consists of several module parts, every part has its own learning objectives. The Module overview is given below:
Course name Code
1. Eng. Thermodynamics 1 & Mod. and Prog. 2 202000109
2. Materials Science 1 202000110
3. Proj. Analysis Energy Syst. & Ac. Skills 2 202000111
4. Proj. Design of Mech. Tool & Ac. Skills 1 202000112
5. Calculus 1B 202001201
Module description
In Module 2, Energy and Materials, attention is paid to the working principles of various energy systems and the properties and microstructures of materials. The module comprises various courses and a dedicated module project and is set up in a similar way as the first module. In that module a product was designed from idea to prototype according to a systematic approach. Furthermore, attention was paid to academic and professional skills on team work, team communication, professional meetings and project implementation. This module builds on the first one and challenges the students to gain new skills and knowledge on engineering thermodynamics and materials science and apply these.
In the project the focus will be on the analysis of a process for energy production. Typically an existing energy system will be analyzed from both thermodynamic and materials science point of view. The students also perform a stakeholder analysis to determine the societal impact of existing and new installations. The results of the project will be presented by the group with a representative scientific poster disclosing the main aspects of the project. Also an individual summary needs to be submitted.
The required (project specific) knowledge will be obtained from the courses Calculus 1B, Engineering Thermodynamics (ET1), Modelling and Programming 2 (ModPro2) and Materials Science 1 (MS1). The results of the this project will be used in the project of Module 3, “Energy and Sustainability”, which forms a continuation of the current module.

After the module, the student will be able to:
  1. explain the basics concepts and the laws of thermodynamics, apply them and interpret the effects
  2. use thermodynamics to analyze engineering systems with respect to thermodynamic properties and performance.
  3. use models in Matlab for engineering problems e.g. thermodynamic problems.
  4. identify possible materials failure mechanisms, select possible materials for engineering problems
  5. combine aspects from different disciplines of mechanical engineering (thermodynamics / materials science) in the analysis of a thermodynamic system and take into account ethical / social aspects (including stakeholder analysis).
  6. give and receive feedback to and from peers in a professional manner. Reflect on own contributions in project group. Planning of project-work (design and adjust group schedule during the Module)
  7. compose a structured scientific poster on a given project topic and present this to a technical public as a group.
  8. compose a concise English summary of the results of the given project topic
  9. use limits and continuity, integration theory and power/Taylor series in different areas of mechanical engineering

Assumed previous knowledge
Module 2
Participating study
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Required materials
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